Sticky Bean's Milestones towards 1 year

Gosh this is so postdated, i just realized that I've not been updating on Sticky Bean's Milestones and she's turning 1 next month.

Let's see how much I can remember here.

Holding her milk bottle at 7 months
- If i didn't recall wrongly, Sticky Bean is able to hold her own milk bottle by 7 months. Naturally, she's able to hold her own sippy cup when the later was being introduced to her as well

Apparently, she doesn't really enjoy drinking from this sippy cup, she prefers to chew on the teat instead

Drinking from a straw at 8-9 months
- because she doesn't enjoy drinking water from the stage 1 sippy cup, a mummy friend of mine recommended me to try the straw version instead. Surprisingly, she took to it so naturally.

Pulling to stand with support at 8.5 months
- after Sticky Bean discovered the skill of pulling to stand with support, for a period of time she refused to sit or crawl and prefers to stand all the time

Practicing to walk with her Vtech Walker
- from 9months + she's been practicing to walk with her vtech push walker and love push walking it round the house.

Some other cutesy pics of Sticky Bean