East Coast Park Marine Cove Review

Finally brought sticky bean to East Coast Park for a picnic session with her cousins as well as to check out Marine Cove after hearing so many raves about this place.

The crowd seems to have died down, thankfully for us. Even if it gets crowded, there are ample spaces for kids to run around. The place is so spacious!

If you drive, be sure to park at carpark C2 or C3, nearest to Marine Cove.

I love how convenient the place is. Smacked in between 2 carparks with restaurants and cafes beside it. Most importantly, there are shower and changing facilities for children too!

So we decided to let the kids build sandcastles by the beach and have a simple picnic session before bringing them over to the play area at Marine Cove. Do you think the kiddos will still want to build sandcastle and stay put at our picnic mat if they start playing at Marine Cove play area? haha...

Sticky bean playing with the sand. She looked a little lost here, though. She can be a little OCD at times and doesn't like getting her hands dirty.

Little mats and stools like these are so useful for a picnic! Especially for adults if you have trouble squatting for too long.

And then we retreated back to the shady area where our belongings and picnic mat are.

Kiddos enjoying their nice cool ribena!

So the kiddos had fun playing with sand and water and enjoying a simple picnic, resting on the picnic mat.

After we washed them up and packed up, it's play time at Marine Cove Playground!

Unfortunately,  I didn't get to take proper snapshots of each area as I'm keeping an eye on Sticky Bean at the same time.

This is an enclosed play area with funny mirrors suitable for toddlers

Overview of the playground at Marine Cove. This seems to be more suitable for older kids though. It's pretty high up there and Sticky Bean got stuck while climbing halfway. Can be a little dangerous for kiddos below 4 years.

Again this slide look so fun! But sadly the only way to go up is to climb through the nettings, again, not so safe for children below 4 years of age so we didn't get to go up there.

This swing is perfect for toddlers and young children so you don't have to worry about them falling off the swing. The first time I came across such swings was at the outdoor playground at City Square Mall.

Slides and area more suitable for younger kids and toddlers too!

again, something fun for toddlers and younger kids.

This station is pretty cool. You can start the game and start going around and press the light up buttons. 

This must be Sticky Bean's favourite somehow.

The Marine Cove @ East Coast Park playground is really age inclusive. Definitely suitable for toddlers all the way to 12-year-old kiddos. I'll definitely be back again.