Hand Sewn Felt Letters / Alphabets for Quietbook with printable template

And so I've completed my very first Quiet book activity with felt letters and am completely addicted to sewing with Felt!

I've been looking at quiet books for a long time and kept procrastinating starting work on one. Then it dawned on me that it's time Sticky Bean learn how to spell her name. Once she learned how to spell her name then at least it's easier for her to learn how to write her name.

But how can I make her learn how to spell her name in a fun way? I'm a strong advocate of learning through play especially for preschoolers and below. So I came across this idea of creating a hand sewn felt letters / alphabets board and decided to finally stop my procrastination and get working on the felt pieces I've kept stashed under my bed for the past year.

It's also a perfect opportunity for me to use this as the cover of my quiet book that I'm going to create for Sticky Bean.

I've found this hand sewn felt alphabet template from Purl Soho. Click here to download it's in pdf. Do visit the page, it contains a tutorial on how to sew the alphabets too.

As I do not have any stuffings with me, I've used our regular facial tissue paper as the stuffings instead and it works out pretty well.
I followed the tutorial by cutting out the alphabets after printing onto paper, tracing them onto the felt pieces with pencil and cutting the alphabets out accordingly.

You will need 2 pieces of felt per alphabet. I layered 2 pieces of felt together and cut through them to save time.
And then you can use blanket-stitch to stitch them together and insert in the stuffings.
I got so addicted to blanket stitch as well. Love how the end product looks like with blanket stitch.

Once I'm done hand sewing all of the felt alphabets, I picked a full size (A4 size) stiff felt piece (2-3mm) and used it as the background.

I then cut out flower petals in 2 designs, do a blanket stitch around it and cut a slit in the middle as button holes.
Sew on the buttons and button the flowers in. So sticky bean can practise some fine motor skills with this as well.

Then I cut some grass out of a green felt piece and stick on velcro tapes to make the alphabets stick.

And tadah! The completed Hand Sewn Felt Letters / Alphabets quiet board for Sticky Bean to start learning how to spell her name!

Because I got so addicted to sewing with felt after this, I'm currently working on a felt dollhouse quiet book for Sticky Bean! Will share once the project is completed so stay tune.

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