Encourage Writing with DIY Salt Tray

Sticky Bean isn't a fan of writing and colouring and runs out of patience really fast. She can colour a maximum of 2 pages and do her letters tracing for a page only before running out of patience and demanding that she stops.

So I googled for fun letters writing activities and got this salt tray idea!

It's simple and low cost. All you need is a tray, colourful pieces of paper and a box of salt. I'm using the 500 gm salt in this case.

Sticky Bean had fun tracing letters in the salt try using a brush. They can use fingers to trace as well but I'd prefer her to use a brush since it's similar to holding a pencil and writing as compared to using just her fingers.

This letter writing activity with a salt tray proved so much fun for Sticky Bean that she managed to practice writing with so much more letters.

On the downside, it can get rather messy with salt all over the place so be warned! 

Age attempted: 3.5 years
Will I do it again?: maybe? But the thought of having to clean up the salt that went on the sofa and all over the place is enough to put me off.