Reward Charts for Kids

Earlier when browsing Qoo10, I came across these reward tokens at a really reasonable price. Think it was around $5 or so and that inspired me to come out with this reward chart which was so effective with Sticky Bean. 

I've DIY'ed the reward chart using powerpoint and listed some items and activities Sticky Bean can redeem using the tokens she's earned.

For every positive behaviour such as brushing her teeth twice a day, not throwing tantrums, not pooping in the diapers, obeying our instructions etc, we will reward her with tokens.

We still need to fine tune the list of rewards though. For example, I do not want to limit trips to the playground with redemption only.

To ensure the effectiveness of this reward scheme, do try to use exclusive rewards that are redeemable only via tokens.
For example, I do not give her lollipops on a normal basis so the only way to get lollipops will be to redeem with her tokens.

Sticky Bean gets to practice counting and learns to grasp the concept of 'money' as she makes a choice to "save" the tokens for a better reward or to splurge them. She learns about opportunity cost as she decides if she wants to use the 5 tokens for a swim or to save another 5 to get a new addition to her Sylvanian Family Doll house.
It worked really well for my Sticky Bean especially when she's the stubborn kind where punishments and scoldings don't work.  She starts to initiate brushing her teeth so as to get her token.

We managed to get her to kick the habit of having to poop in diapers with this reward system in place! 
Say Yeah to our newly implemented rewards chart!