DIY Toddlers Activities: Pom Pom Drop

I've been searching for simple DIY toddlers activities to keep Sticky Bean busy whilst mama prepares dinner each evening and this was among the first activity introduced together with the sensory bottles (which she's outgrown sensory bottles @ 16mths)

This simple DIY toddler activity helps with fine motor skills and kept Sticky Bean entertained for a long time.

At 18mths, toddlers love to put items into a bottle or container and love taking them out. This repetitive action can keep them going for quite a while.

All you need is a recycled plastic bottle and poms poms!
When she kind of got bored of the bottle some 2 weeks later, I modified the same play with an old yoghurt tub, cut holes on the lid and voila!  It became a same same but yet so different activity altogether.

- poms poms
- recycled bottles or containers

Sticky Bean @ 16 mths
Simple DIY toddlers activities like these help them hone their fine motor skills at such a low cost and with just a little effort.

I'm so addicted to simple DIY toddlers activities like these, I've been googling for tons of ideas and done a few variations of DIY toddlers activities. Shall share them bit by bit here.

For a start, here's a good consolidation of various types of pom pom activities for toddlers:

35 Pompom Activities Toddlers will LOVE!

Age attempted: 16 mths
Duration entertained: 15 minutes
Will i try this again?: Yes! She's still having fun with poms poms at 20 mths


  1. Love your blog! Been a long time since I visit your blog but glad that you're still updating. Just want to ask where to get the pom pom? Does Popular bookstore sell? Thanks

  2. Hi JSbuTa
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a note again. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading the posts though I've been slacking with the posts lately.
    I've bought my poms poms from Taobao but yes you are right, POPULAR sells them as well. They are in the crafts section.


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