Kids' Mini sofa for Babies and Toddlers

Seeing how much Sticky bean loves to climb onto the sofa and chillax together with us, I've decided to get her, her very own mini sofa!

Initially I had wanted to purchase a kids' mini sofa from Taobao but after calculating the shipping costs, it doesn't seem like an economical choice.

I'm so glad i chanced upon this seller at qoo10 whose running a promotion on kids mini sofa. They ran out of stocks for my 1st choice hence i have to purchase this kids mini sofa model which is slightly more expensive then my first choice.

We have no regrets since! Sticky bean loves her kids mini sofa and will sit there while watching tv or whenever she is snacking.

Here's Sticky bean enjoying her apple on her kids mini sofa.

She really loves the kids mini sofa and I must say the quality is pretty good and sturdy.  Money well spent!