DIY Toddlers Activities: The Sticky Wall

I will do a rotation for DIY toddlers activities so that Sticky Bean won't get bored of it so fast. Personally toys and activities rotation works for Sticky Bean. We tend to keep her some of her toys and rotate them then she will play with them for a longer period of time.

And so as Sticky Bean got bored of the pom pom drop activity gradually, I introduced a new DIY toddler activity for her, which helps in building her creativity and honing her fine motor skills too.

Let's just call it the Sticky Wall activity. It's another simple DIY toddlers activities requiring minimal effort to prepare.

Pieces of colourful construction paper / poms poms / feathers / tissue, in fact anything that's lightweight
Pair of scissors
Temporary glue spray or contact paper (self adhesive sheets)

Cut various shapes from the construction papers

I came across this product hence thought to try the spray, thinking that it is temporary. But big mistake, this spray mount is repositionable but NOT Temporary. I have difficulties removing the adhesive completely from our wall..horrors...(good thing we are still staying in the old flat whilst waiting for our BTO to be ready)

After this experience, I did another version with just contact sheets or rather self adhesive plastic.

 Sticky bean having fun with the ''sticky wall'' 

 Keeping herself really busy sticking the pieces on the wall

I've later introduced the poms poms as well. So this was her masterpiece!

This simple DIY toddler actvity -  The Sticky Wall Activity kept Sticky Bean intrigued for couple of days and allow me to prepare dinner in total peace.

Here's into Day 3 of the Sticky Wall Activity

still keeping herself busy

Age attempted: 18 mths
Duration entertained: >30 minutes
Will I try this again? : With this adhesive spray, definitely not since it leaves the wall sticky. I bought contact paper to do a similar version but she loses interest in it really fast so probably not.