DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour sorting with Popsicle sticks

Another project using inexpensive and up-cycled materials.
Like I mention earlier in the colour sorting with pom pom activity, once your toddler mastered the skill of colour sorting, there're so many variations and endless activities you can do with them!

Here's one impromptu version that I came up with while staring at the empty carton which came with my iherb purchase and pondering what to do with it.

Materials required:
1. coloured Popsicle sticks (also known as ice-cream sticks) 
2. small carton box
3. scissors
4. crayons

Simply cut slits in the carton box, colour the slits with the corresponding colours as the popsicle sticks with crayon and voila! 
You've got yourself a DIY colour sorting toy!

As Sticky bean find the corresponding slit for the popsicle sticks, I'll say the colour verbally as well. As with all other activities with toddler, we need to verbalise every action as much as possible. This will help them register and learn new words too. 

Age attempted: 24 months
Duration engaged: 30 minutes
Will I attempt it again: hell YES!!!

For more colour sorting activities ideas, do check out the link below. I love some of the ideas!