DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour Sorting with Poms Poms

I've started doing this Toddlers Colour Sorting activity couple of months back since Sticky bean was some 20 months I think and I still do this with her occasionally and added few variations of colour sorting activities ever since.

All you need are poms poms and a muffin tray for this activity. Once your toddler master this sorting skill, there're just so many variations you can do with a colour sorting activity!

Took me couple of times to do this with Sticky Bean before she finally understands that she is supposed to sort the poms poms in accordance to their colours.


Age attempted: 20 months
Duration entertained: 20 mins
Will I try it again: Definitely! In fact I've done a few variations of colour sorting activities for toddlers ever since. 

For more colour sorting activities ideas, do check out the link below. I love some of the ideas!