Simple Sensory Play with Upcycled Materials

Alright this is super post dated, been a long time since I posted. As I have a full time job and few months back,I just changed my job due to unforeseen circumstances. Took a while to finally find time to clear my backlog.

Here goes, couple of months back I found these tiny pieces of triangular cardboard pieces used as filler in our product shipment so I brought a bag home with me.
Thought it can be used as a quick and easy way for sensory play by simply dumping it into a bin with some of the shapes coming from her shape sorter toys.

It worked out pretty well, kept Sticky bean busy for a while


I've no idea this can be so much fun for a toddler

Age attempted: 21 mths
Duration entertained: 15 minutes 
Will I try it again? Yes, I see great potential in reusing this for sensory or I spy activities