DIY Toddler's Activities: Shape of the Week - It's all about triangles

One of the back dating posts again. In fact this activity was done a long time ago in Oct 2015, when Sticky Bean was just 24mths. Back then she has not started school hence I try to incorporate some 'curriculum' with her at home.
Of course by now, at 30 months, she's able to identify all of the basic shapes - circle, triangle, diamond, square, heart, start, crescent.

Shape of the week: Triangle

Objective: To introduce to her the various shapes and characteristics of triangle

First I introduced a sensory bin. Got these mini triangle cardboard from a filler in our warehouse and brought it back for sensory play. I've also used this another sensory bin play here. So they were really useful. I believe in using upcycled materials, saves the earth and saves $$$.

So the bin is filled with the triangle shaped cardboard fillers and whatever items I can find at home that were triangle in shape.

After which she had fun sticking pieces of triangle paper on the sticky paper which I've secured on the wall with masking tape.
Couldn't find contact paper at Popular Bookstore, only managed to find this plastic which has adhesive on 1 side which I presumed is used for wrapping books.

I will read out the colour of each piece of triangle as she puts them up as well.

Finally, we end off the activity with her colouring pieces of triangles.
These activities seemed to work really well with Sticky Bean. Almost immediately, she can identify triangles easily.

Age attempted: 24 months
Duration occupied: 45 mins
Will I do it again?: I regretted not introducing this activity to her any sooner as she begun to identify shapes shortly after so I didn't want to waste my time doing similar activities with her. If time permits, I will do an alphabet version of similar activities.