NSRCC Chalet Review (yes, yet again!)

We had so much fun the last we went for a staycation at NSRCC for a family of 6 adults and 3 children, we decided to go back again!

You can read up on my first review here when we first had our staycation as a family at NSRCC chalet in Jan 2015. I shared most of the facilities, features and pros and cons in my previous post and won't be repeating them here.

Alright I'm doing a lot of back dating post now, tons to catch up. We actually went for our second staycation at NSRCC last October 2015. But we had such a pleasurable stay that I feel it's a must to do another review here.

This time round we invited our aunt to join us for the staycation as well so we had a total of 7 adults and 3 kids! Sticky bean loves spending time with her cousins, imagine the amount of fun she had during this staycation.

Again I must reiterate for a weekday rate of just $160 per night, this is one of the best price one can get for a chalet of this size. We love the spaciousness and relatively clean and 'new' furnishings.
Though they only provide 4 beds and rooms are pretty small but that problem is easily solved with the mattress rental.

Checking in is a breeze and any room service requirements are settled promptly as well.

Again, we paid extra for the unit near the swimming pool, this time round we booked into unit 40p.
Right next to the playground, perfect for the kiddos.

The parking lot is right in front of the unit. making unloading a breeze. There is a complimentary parking lot with every unit booked, you can purchase an additional full day parking within the chalet compound for a small amount of $10 a day. Limited to 1 additional lot per chalet unit only. So if you have more than 2 cars, then you probably have to park outside and walk in.

A welfie with mummy first, apparently Sticky Bean doesn't look too pleased, she can't wait to explore the place.

Chillaxing first on the comfy sofa and spacious living area

of course being Sticky Bean, she can't stay put for long, she just have to explore and climb all over the place. Love the dining area as well. Sticky bean climbed onto the chairs to get her piece of chocolate cake for teabreak.

and she decided to enjoy her ride as a pillion while savoring her piece of chocolate cake. This Skoot me seems like a good choice for us to bring along. It's a skooter and luggage in one. Kept the kids entertained for a while.

We were really lucky to enjoy the clear skies when we were there as it was the haze period and psi has been above 100 just before our staycation at NSRCC.
So it's time to hit the pool! This time round, they've done some renovations to the baby/ children's pool.
Remember the colourful tiles from our previous staycation at NSRCC here? They probably figured out with the loose tiles, it poses as a dangerous hazard for young children hence the tiles were all removed. Great job NSRCC!

The beautiful pool without the tiles..

Waterplay area

Love this shot capture by "yi-po". Usually we have limited shots of her playing by the pool as we'd be busy keeping and eye on her and following her around. Call us kiasu but it's better to be safe than sorry.

the toddlers love this mini fountain

This time round we specifically order and segregate enough food to BBQ on Day 1 and Day 2

 Blessed with a good 'chef' in the house

Granny helping to kebab whatever needs to be on the satay stick while the kiddos continue to play in the background.

The morning after....I've prepared a messy play with snow dough for the kids. Messy plays are perfect for chalets, the kiddos can play at the porch area and you can easily rinse off the mess.
Snow dough can be easily prepared mixing flour and baby oil or olive oil.

For some reasons, the kiddos prefer scooping the dough then molding it.

Shower after the messy play. Check out our family wear! Family pants..hehe..got this from Qoo10 at a reasonable price and material is soft and really comfy.

The air conditioned living room is really a bonus to have, in the hot afternoon we just chillax indoor  while the kids watch a bit of cartoon.

Playing peek-a-boo instead of tying to nap

I lost count of the number of times we hopped over to the playground since its literally just next to our unit!
 And then it's the kiddos' favourite! It's bubble time! This bubble machine produces and insane amount of bubbles. Definitely a steal. Mr. Keir got this from the Taka toy fair for $15.
Real gem!


Even Yi Po couldn't resist the bubbles and joined in the fun.

And so the evening ended with another round of BBQ. This time round we explored the bowling alley as we were given complimentary bowling session together with the NSRCC chalet rental. There is a small arcade beside the bowling alley so that kept the kiddos entertained for a short while whilst the adults bowl away...

We will definitely be back again. In fact if everyone's schedule allow, we would love to have our NSRCC chalet staycation as an annual affair! We won't mind if it's twice a year even!