The Animal Resort Singapore Review

Brought sticky bean, now 2.5yrs to The Animal Resort located at Seletar Farmway over the long weekend Saturday.
Seletar West sounds really far from where we reside but in actual fact, it's actually near Jln Kayu and if you're driving, you can exit from Yio Chu Kang exit via CTE. So it took us 15 mins car ride to reach the resort.

The Animal Resort
T81, Seletar West Farmway
Seletar, North S798061
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It's a small resort and will take you a max of 1.5 hours to explore so don't expect to spend a day there or you'll be disappointed for sure.
The Animal Resort is basically some sort of mini farm where you get to feed the animals and admission is FREE!
They have a horse, some guinea pigs and rabbits, ducks, roosters, hens, fishes, peacocks and some birds, turkeys and 2 enormous birds. (apparently one of the birds was donated by the Bird park).

As it was the Saturday of a long weekend, it was pretty pack when we arrived. The car park lots within the resort were full so we have to park along the road outside.
The Animal Resort opens from 10 am to 5pm. We got there around 10:45am.

A very excited sticky bean @ 2.5yrs

You can purchase animal feeds at a really reasonable price of $1 per pack or $2 for 3 types of animal feeds. Mr. Keir bought $2 for feed for the two legged (birds) , fishes and 4 legged (guinea pigs/rabbits)
Not sure if it was due to the crowd before us, the animals were not hungry at all so most of them did not respond to the food offered to them.
Sticky bean was disappointed after a few failed attempts, insisting that the rabbit must eat the carrot she's feeding them with.

Eat carrot! Rabbit eat CARROT!!!!

Another attempt to get the duck to eat from her hands

how about this then? Would you like to eat?
This brave girl ain't afraid of the animals at all. In fact, she ain't afraid of most things and we still wonder if that's something good or bad.

Well and so most of the animals ain't responsive to food and she was disappointed that she can't feed them, she got bored of trying to feed the animals pretty soon.
Instead, she spent the next 10 - 15 mins having fun with the swing.

this is nice and nostalgic, even mummy had fun sitting on it

And the next couple of minutes playing with the play structures there.

And then she saw a pair of children feeding the fishes at the huge pond right at the end of the resort and the daddy of the children was nice enough to offer Stick Bean some bread so she can feed the fishes too.

I'm not sure if she enjoys feeding the fishes or merely enjoy throwing things in the pond since it's mostly just fry(s) which means you can't even see the fish surface and gobble down the bread but tiny ripples were formed as the fry devour the bread crumbs.
We tried to feed the fishes at the smaller ponds earlier but nah, no response from the fishes, everyone was too full to be bothered with any food thrown at them

Just then, the peacocks in their enclosure decided to show off their beautiful feathers and we hurried over.

Alright, it's a challenge trying to get her to stop moving and pose for a photo but this is the best shot. lol

One of the gems found at The Animal Resort is definitely this 20 cents kiddy ride! OMG where else can you still find a 20cents kiddy ride? It's minimally $1 even at neighbourhood areas.

And yes it works with music and all!

And so Sticky Bean spent her last 15 mins at The Animal Resort playing on the platform where there is a growing up slide, a see saw and little tikes car. 

Overall the place is really kids friendly with the swings and mini play area for children. But as highlighted you will probably spend a maximum of 1.5 hours at The Animal Resort as it is not a huge place.
Given that admission is FREE and the animal feeds were reasonably priced, it's worth the trip there. We may want to visit again on a hopefully not so crowded day and hope that the animals will be hungry enough to be fed then.