Bad Experience @ Modern Maternity, Harbourfront

It all started with the ‘auntie’ me who wanted to use this $10 voucher given to me during my previous purchase there. Bought a dress at $69.30 after 30% discount, UP $99.00

It was the first maternity shop I’ve stepped into and the first maternity dress I bought from a retail store. Though the shopping experience the first time was so-so, they were no doubt very pushy but being a first time mummy and excited about trying on so many maternity dresses, I ain’t too particular yet.
Perhaps also cos I’ve bought a dress there eventually hence the service was still “bearable”

Alrighty so I went back a 2nd time hoping to utilize my $10 voucher, even though I think the clothes there are just quite ok and a bit over priced for the material but if I can $10 off a piece then it should be reasonable.

But the 2nd experience there is totally disgusting!
Firstly, they were even more pushy and aggressive than ever!
I always think when dealing with preggie mummies you gotta be more considerate in your service and not overly pushy like how the retail staffs at Modern Maternity behaved.
Kept shoving pieces of clothes at my face even though I’ve mentioned like oh I don’t really want sleeveless but they went on and on to take different sleeveless dresses and tops and pester me to try.
Hey which part of the no sleeveless do they not understand?

I’ve to keep repeating myself and when I mentioned that I do not need pants, they did the same, continue to shove pants to me. =___=

To make matter worse, I asked about the voucher and was told that I can’t use it with any other promotions or discount, they are having a 10% - 30% discount on most items you see. This makes the voucher pretty useles.

And so I eventually tried on 2 pieces, despite the fact that the dress seems a bit too tight, the retail assistant insisted it looks ok and maternity dresses are stretchable when obviously the arms area are too tight for me.
I’m not an idiot, I am aware that most maternity dresses are stretchable but only at the tummy area loh hello!!!

So the faces turned so black when they sensed that I’m not purchasing anything at all.
The moment I say nothing is suitable, they turned into mutes immediately and I was treated invisible.

This will definitely be the last time I’m gona step into Modern Maternity ever again.