List to get Diapers Samples

List updated 26 September 2017

Countdown to Sticky Bean’s arrival – in 2 months time
Hence I tried to do some research on selecting the right diapers, knowing how much to stock up per size.

So far read that babies outgrew newborn sizes pretty fast within the first month depending on the weight of your baby hence so far we’ve only gotten 2 packs of newborns and 2 packs of S size from Huggies during taka fair promotion in order to get the free 2 bottles of Medela milk storage bottles.

Still kind of lost on which brand to choose decided to go shop around at either Parents World Exhibition 30th August – 1st Sept at expo this weekend or Parents & Living exhibition end Sept at Suntec to do a bit of stocking up.

Heard good raves about Goo.N diapers and that the newborn size cutting is bigger than the rest, so thinking of getting one more pack of newborn size since MIL suggest to use disposable during the first few weeks due to the frequent peeing and pooing.

I’ve already requested for samples from Goo.N though.

Here’s to share the list of diapers and website where you can request samples from. They will mail the samples to you, usually just 1 or 2 pieces though.

Goo.N diapers /  – register with them and you can get a free sample delivered to you

Huggies  - request online

Drypers  - request online

Fitti / Pet Pet Diaper 6861 9155

New - Sensi Baby Diapers - interested parents can just email to or call 6100 3427 to request for the samples you prefer

Somehow mammypoko's samples seems to be for Malaysia only and there wasn't a local website for pampers Singapore.

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