The impromptu Get Away Trip – Berjaya Times Square KL Staycation

Just when we thought our Babymoon to Desaru will be the last trip for at least 1-2 yrs, we need to travel up to KL for 3 days to company my mother in law to visit one of the auntie whose health has not been in a good condition

We were in a dilemma to fly to KL or to take a coach, of course taking one of those vip coaches will be much more comfortable though it takes a longer time and even though they say it’s safe for preggie but being the kiasu mummy and daddy to be, both Mr. Keir and myself thought it’s better to play safe and travel by coach.

I was initially worried about having to hold my pee for the 6-7 hours bus journey and only allowed 2 toilet breaks but phewz thank god I pulled through that! I’d visit the toilet whenever there’s any opportunity and limit my water intake during the journey.

And so we left on a Saturday and came back on a Monday. Decided to stay at Berjaya Times Square hotel though it’s slightly more expensive than some of the promotional hotels. But we figured out we will be spending most of our time in the hotel and around the area as it’s more of a rest and relaxing trip for us and not so keen to venture too far so as long as the location is good and quality of the room is good, it should be worth the rate. There’s a 10 level shopping mall just below the hotel.
Well not exactly 10 levels it’s not fully occupied yet, I should say about 6 levels high with an indoor theme park and movie theatre.

We took Grassland’s Royal VVIP coach and was lucky to take a relatively brand new coach on our way there, the seats are really spacious and comfy even for a preggie woman!
If you book the coach tickets separately, it’s about $80 for return trip.

The whole 3 day 2 night Berjaya Times Square package for 2 of us inclusive of the upgrade to Royal VVIP tickets costs $505. And this was the Ramadan special promotional rate.
We booked additional returned coach ticket for my mother in law since she will be staying one night with the relatives.

The service at Berjaya Times Square hotel is fantastic and it seems like they really did put in an effort to make the place safer as well, most doors are accessible only if you are a hotel guests and the moment you step into the lobby, there will be staff offering assistance.

What impresses us the most is the size of the room! I didn’t expect the room to be so huge!
Even the relatives who came by were impressed by the room as well.

image from berjaya times square hotel website

self taken image

self taken image
beautiful huge swimming pool as well

Even the bathroom is huge! With a huge bathtub and separate shower, the toilet bowl is in the next separate room with a separate sink as well.
Just that the bathtub I think it’s European sized, it’s a tad too long for me so I’ve trouble not to slip n drown myself white soaking in it.

the separate bathroom

But I enjoyed hot baths so much I took hot baths like at least twice a day during our stay there lolx.

We thought we would have plenty of time to ourselves but the relatives were such good hosts that they brought us for makan the first day so we didn’t have much time to explore.

We had a very yummy steamboat session at a place popular with their locals, very similar to our Bugis street where the whole street is filled with steamboat restaurants though.

On the 2nd day, Mr. Keir have to insist that we want to shop and explore on our own, so we went shopping around Berjaya Times Square, Sungei Wang, Bt Bintang and back to our hotel.

Since it’s a relaxing trip for us, we woke up to have breakfast in the hotel. Oh I love the breakfast spread there, lots of variety and lots of local food which happened to be my favourite! Nasi Lemak, plain porridge with pickled veg, fish in black bean sauce and puttu mayam which I’ve been craving for so long!!

The waffles tastes yummy too!!!
I think I overate at breakie, went back to hotel, both of us fell asleep.

Loots wise there ain’t a lot to buy so it’s very much another rest and relaxing trip for us which we thoroughly enjoyed, knowing that being able to rest and relax will be a luxury for us in future.

Still, we look forward to the arrival of our sticky bean.