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What Nobody tells you about being pregnant...

Well being a woman, we're more or less aware of what's gona happen to our body when we are pregnant, of course we put on weight, our figure goes haywire, there's the typical fatigue, backache, lack of energy, frequent need to pee, water retention, restriction on the drinks and food intake.
Each mummy tend to get different symptoms.

Apart from the above common symptoms, there are other symptoms which i was totally caught off guard, just thought of sharing it here..

1) pimples/ breakouts not just on the face but all over my body

2) frequent itching all over the body even though i do not suffer from heat rash

3) greasy / oily hair and face

4) much bigger nose somehow with black and white heads and tiny bumps on them no matter how diligent i am in putting a clay mask and squeezing those black heads out

5) this is the worst. Black armpits!! oh yes BLACK!!! nobody tells me and i never read about preggie mummies suffering from BLACK armpits as part of the pregnancy symptoms till one fine day i was shocked to discover the sudden darkening of my armpits. From there, it just worsen and is literally Black now.
So sleeveless for me is out of the question these days, it was only when i start to ask one of my friends and my mum did i realized that they too suffered the same. Fortunately for my friend, the black armpits went away totally but for my mum it improved alot but there's still a dark patch there. omg i so hope this will not be in my genes.

6) darkening of neck area, not as black as my armpits just slight darkening that makes it look dirty as though i never bathed and the daily scrubbing and moisturizing is not helping at all.

7) leg cramps - i've never suffered leg cramps in my life, little did i know that i'll have a taste of it during my pregnancy an this happened when i'm approaching the last trimester. felt so helpless when the leg cramps strike.

8) insomnia - it was only after that i suffer occasional nights of insomnia that i realized this is common among preggie mummies. due to the growing belly, sometimes it's really difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in, not to mention the need to get up and pee at night for at least 2-3 times.

9) the boobies became uglier - definitely with the darkening and enlargement of the nipple and aerola to prepare for breast feeding. to be honest, it looks kind of turn off to me. oops but thinking about the nutrition it will provide for our sticky bean, i guess it should be worth it.

10) leaking of urine - sometimes when i'm not careful or when i got lazy doing my kegels, this actually happens when i sneeze. before i got hardworking on my daily kegels there was once or twice the leak was so bad you can see the wet stain on my dress...omg total embarassment.

11) change in voice - i was told this isn't common with most but i'm not sure what's the reason for it, i seemed to lose a pitch or two from the feminine side.  I'm unable to carry a tune now and my voice seemed coarser and deeper. i'm so worried my voice will not get back to normal and i can't sing nursery rhymes to sticky bean in future without terrorizing her with the off pitch tone. =(

Currently: approaching week 30 with sticky bean. =)


  1. Yes Yes totally agree. I have very bad outbreak on my face too. A lot small little pimple/acne all over face :(

    Hope it goes away after giving birth.

  2. Hi jsbuta
    yes yes we're all hoping the symptoms are just temporary and for it to disappear totally after giving birth!


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