Avent Combined Steamer cum Blender and Baby Ashlene's Food / Puree milestone

Usually i'd use our Avent Philips Combined 2 in 1 steamer cum blender to prepare puree for her and freeze the rest so she'll be eating the same puree for about a week.

Absolutely love this Avent Philips Combined 2 in 1 steamer cum blender. It makes preparing puree for her a breeze, depending on the type of food, everything can be done in less than 30 minutes including washing.
It's so easy to use and washing is a breeze as well.

and this is how it works, after steaming the food, simply flip the jar over and you are ready to blend!

It also comes with a weaning food guide, recipe as well as recommended steaming time for a variety of food.

So here's her puree milestone.
I first started out with apple puree (steamed)..argh this was how much she hated it. Guess she's definitely not enjoying the sour after taste.

 super reluctant expression

 on first taste

and then she discovered the sour after taste

subsequently, pursing her lips and refusing to open them

Avocado puree was next for her. it's so easy to make considering that there's no need to steam them. Avocado puree goes very well with milk as well, texture is so smooth just like a smoothie and she loves them.

alrightey from her expression she may not look like she love them but at least she's eating and opening her mouth for more. Of course there are also days which she doesn't feel like eating much

Made pumpkin puree for her next and she seems to like them too

She loves pear puree as well. After steaming it's so much sweeter than apple

And then i decided to give her banana puree, i googled online to find if it's safe to freeze them and it seemed ok for freezing banana puree.
On the first day where she tried the fresh banana puree, she seems to enjoy it.
The next evening when i tried giving her the thawed banana puree, for some reasons she just doesn't like them as much though it tasted the same to me.
And worse of all, she started having diarrhea it was so bad we were changing her diapers every 1hour the whole night.

It's been 3 days and she's still having diarrhea though it wasn't as bad compared to the first night she'd still poo like 4-5 times a day and the poo is relatively mushy, though not super watery but definitely not the usual nice little sausage looking like poo she's used to having.

Now i'm suspecting it may not be the banana puree after all. trying to do keep her off her brown rice cereal to see if it could be the cause as well, since i just started her on the brown rice cereal too.