Sticky Bean's Milestone: Sitting up by herself

Time to update some of Sticky Bean's milestone.

Before she reaches 7 months, she's sitting up by herself already. though she'd still lean backwards or sideways and fall over, she's generally sitting pretty well.
If we use the PD's gestational age, that means she's sitting at 5.5 months!

 the way she's chomping fiercely on her teether, she's definitely teething! lol

Sticky Bean is currently 7 months and she's been drooling alot! Constantly chomping on her teether as well.
Even though she can sit relatively well by herself, she's hardly making any attempts to try crawling.

She'd only attempt to move using her hands to push herself, I've tried encouraging to move forward by using a toy but she'd try using her hands and after a few failed attempts, chose to ignore the toy completely =___=

the only times she'd use her legs and knees to lift her butt up is when she's trying to get a comfy position while sleeping on her tummy.
This lazy girl!

Still so adorable in our eyes much we love her more each day