My iherb Purchase for Baby Products - Get $10 off your purchase

Just to share on my purchases from iherb.
I've been purchasing baby cereals and munchies as well as some other items from iherb.
As amazon doesn't ship food related products to Singapore, iherb will be our next best choice.

You can find plenty of organic baby products and food from iherb and best of it, it cost just 4 bucks to ship to Singapore, right up to our door steps!
Not to mention, it's obviously much cheaper to purchase from iherb than from the local stores. so I've been buying most of Baby Ashlene's food and misc from iherb.

What's more? you can get $10 off your first iherb purchase by using this promo code DPQ055 when you check out or clicking this link 

I got a $10 discount off my very first iherb purchase.

Here's the list of items from iherb popular with mummies in Singapore with lots of positive reviews about the product.

1) Earth Mama angel bottom spray - for those having natural birth
2) Happy yogis yoghurt snack for babies (various flavours)
3) Earth's Best Organic whole grain cereal
4) Nuture Inc Happy Puffs (various flavours)
5) Happy Bellies Brown Rice Cereal

And here're some of the items I've purchased on iherb;

the highly raved happy puffs which most babies love, bought assorted flavours but I've yet to introduce to Baby Ashlene. Even though I heard that these puffs just melt in the mouth and is generally safe for babies but the label recommend babies who can crawl with tummies off the floor. Ashlene is somewhere close to that and I do not want to introduce snacks to her too early.
Perhaps I'll start giving her just before her Godma's wedding dinner next month so we can keep her occupied during the dinner

Highly recommended as one of the first baby solids. Actually i started Baby Ashlene on the Gerber Cereal before moving on to this. Glad that she loves them all the same, even though Gerber is actually sweeter and this blander.
I still believe in giving her organic cereals as her first solids. So glad that she's taking both Gerber and Happy Bellies ok. 
Now that she's eating porridge twice a day and cereal once a day, i need to replenish her cereals soon.
Personally I prefer to still give at least one serving of cereal a day since they contain lots of vitamins and Iron in one serving.

And this is the Gerber Rice Cereal, Baby Ashlene's very first solid! I bought this, the Banana apple and oatmeal banana flavour. Initially she wasn't too keen on the Banana apple cereal after finishing her rice cereal, but towards the end, she got used to the taste and seemed to love it.

When i first purchased this to try out, it was relatively new and at an introductory price of SGD9.80 however the price has since increased to SGD12.34. Regretted not stocking up more of this. Baby Ashlene has been on Desitin but since she hasn't experience any diaper rash, I'm hesitant with using harsh products from her. 
When i came across this on iherb, i thought to give it a try since it is a more "natural" option and the first 2 ingredient is actually Oats kernel extract and beeswax. Now that sounded a lot more mild compared to the unknown chemicals as the first few ingredients in Desitin.
Glad that Aveeno Baby Diaper rash cream suits her well and I proceeded to replenish my stock at the increased price. 

Been reading positive reviews on this product and since it's an organic anti-bug balm at such a reasonable price, this is the perfect solution for a day out. But being a kiasu mummy, i'd use this together with the mosquito patch.

Since we planned to bring Baby Ashlene for swimming weekly, this product is a must for the hot and sunny weather in Singapore. Babies' skin are so much more sensitive and thinner than adults, sun protection is a must for them. 

Kiddy palace is selling this item at SGD9.90. We bought couple of milk powder dispenser and i must say this is the best! the lid doesn't come off easily and it's easy to pour the milk powder out. Unlike the Puku one which we had, it's so difficult to get all the milk powder out of the container and there's always milk powder left in the container. Talk about wastage. =____=

These are just part of my loots from iherbs which I'd recommend. As you can see, most of their baby products are organic and natural at a very reasonable price.
The organic baby products in our local supermarket is just so limited. iherb is definitely the place for me to buy food for Baby Ashlene.

Highly recommend all to try out iherb 
And don't forget, you can get $10 off your first iherb purchase by using this promo code DPQ055 when you check out or clicking this link