Sticky Bean's First Time on a Baby Highchair

Her first time officially sitting on a baby high chair outside while we have our meals at coming to 7.5
And it so happened to be at a coffeeshop..Since mummy was craving for the herbal steamboat at the coffeeshop near Popo's house.

And oh her mega ribbon attracts lots of attention from everyone. lolx

Look how happy she is...

Novelties always distract them for a while, she spent the first 30 minutes exploring and enjoying this novelty, half the time trying to lift the tray up.
But novelties never last, some 45 minutes later she starts to protest by whining in her seat.

Thank god we were almost done with dinner by then. To give Sticky Bean some credits, she's really well behaved sitting on the baby chair though, considering the fact that we did not give her any toys to keep her occupied.

More pic of Sticky Bean with the mega ribbon