Additional Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Venues - updated 2014

The previous time I didn't share my idea of this venue I'd very much wanted to take our pre-wedding photo shoot at as I find it pretty unique and lifestyle, much to the way we wanted it to be!

However due to the restrictions on timing, our bridal studio's ain't able to adhere to the timing...*sobz*

Anyway just to share with all of you, if you're looking at something out of the norm and more lifestyle like, you can consider to have your pre-wedding photoshoot done at IKEA!

Oh yea right that's IKEA! With their lovely ambiance and concept corners, you can easily have a series of homely, lifestyle shots! moreover, to date i seldom see couples having their pre-wedding shots there. Talk about Unique! 

Very much what I'd like. You can be in couple wear pajamas with the groom massaging for the bride or with the bride servicing the groom with good food in a kitchen setting!

You can even have both the groom and bride enjoying or baking in the kitchen!

As for fun time in the bedroom, eh..i leave that up to your own imagination. hahaa

Anyway it ain't easy to get someone to respond from IKEA. but after trying ways and means I've finally gotten the contact person in charge. just that you can only have your shooting done from Mon-Thurs, 10am - 12pm strictly!

It's a pity we've to give this amiss since by the time make up is done it's 11am liaoz loh. Of cos if you want your make up to be done early, you can do it, pay $$$ loh.

We ish the budgeted couple. So No-no! let's just give it a miss.

Sorry i've lost the contact for Ikea, think the person in charge left. So for those wanting to contact ikea, do try to email them from their website or give them a call.

Alternatively there's a furniture boutique - Le Article, for you to consider, very nice ambiance and perfect for wedding shoot but they do charge a nominal fee. In my opinion it's well worth it.

check out some of the photos below

Visit their Facebook page for more information


  1. Hi Drea, I am Carol. My fiance and I are interested in holding our shoot at IKEA too. Would you mind sharing your experience as well as the contact please?

    Many thanks for your generosity.


  2. Hi..

    I will like to know the contact person too. Thanks


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