What to Pack for our photoshoot

forgot to take a pic of all of our props..haha..maybe i'll take a pic when i eventually unload the props from my car and post one of these days...

but here's our list - what i can remember..

1) 1 X Tuxedo white shirt for the groom (tailor made @ Auntie Jenny's $75 nia!)
2) 1 X Black shirt ( also tailor made @ auntie jenny at only $35! and the material is so comfy!)
3) 1 X maroon shirt (never use) & 1 X pink stripped shirt (use for "casual)
4) a pair of cuff links
5) 2 pair of socks - 1 black, 1 white
6) 2 pairs of shoes - 1 black & 1 white too
7)  black belt

Bride - like so much lesser stuffs since mostly provided by Sattine Bridal
1) A pair of ivory heels ( that i didn't wear either, since the gown covers everything)
2) a few pairs of black heels (covered & open toe. See which one match the outdoor best ma)
3) 1 X black mini fish net stockings (just in case though the idea was scrapped)
4) 1 X nude stockings (just in case also but you hardly need it la..everything can be photoshopped lolx)
5) a pair of nu bra (which you wouldn't need too but just in case)
6) my own set of make up (just in case needa touch up for outdoor)
7) auntie pajamas for an image we'd planned hehz..

Props / Misc
1) Wet tissues - very useful especially when the place is muddy
2) Tissues
3) our movie clapper board
4) our feather duster lolx...(for me to whack the groom with. me ish tigress)
5) apple (initially wanted the sleeping beauty story but then got miscomm so it became an apple tree story..ahaha)
6) Strawberries ( i duno why but Mr. Keir just buy loh)
7) Pocky! (our favourite snacks)
8) Bubbles
9) Pink panther plush (wana do the Lin Da Lang look but also miscomm so no do)
10) mega bling bow tie (for the lin da lang look)
11) a colourful lollipop ( was told to use a bigger one if we wana use 1 or a pair of small sized ones. but we only had 1 small sized one..ahaha
12) a nerdy specs for me (end up seldom use since it reflects)

Actually for props, unless you have something really meaningful and unique to the both of you, if not check with the studio.
They have tons and tons of props! very fun and interesting ones neh!!!

On the night before our photoshoot, we had most of our stuffs packed and turned in early.
Also I avoided drinking water after 9pm to prevent water retention.

I'm always prone to bloating loh..and my eyes are small so once water retention means it's uber difficult to open up the eyes no matter how many pairs of eyelashes you use.

Ooh also gotta wash hair the night before and not apply anything on it after that.


  1. Hi, congrats on your wedding. May I ask where is location of the tailor? I would like to tailor made a tuxedo shirt too.


  2. Hi Bob

    Here's the address for the tailor.
    Guan Hua Warehouse
    85 Genting Lane
    Tel: 6741 3012

    You can refer to this post for more details too..


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