Where to get a Tux for the Groom?

Reckon that's what every groom needs.
and since it's gona be worn only twice - unless your groom has tons of formal functions to attend, we do not want to pay so much for his tuxedo shirt.

As we're the Budget & Practical couple - recap: he spent $20 on his shoes (Moda Paolo) and me spent $30+ on my bridal heels from TANGS Studio (70% discount)
In a place like Singapore, it's GSS all year round la. So there're plenty of good buys out there if you have the time to search and shop for it. 
Cheap buys may not necessary equates to low quality products.

So for his Tuxedo shirt, I've browsed tons and tons of forums and realized that Tailor-make seemed a popular choice among the gentlemen.
Since the price is probably around the same or even Cheaper than the off the racks shirt you get from our G2000, Rhaoul etc.

We've decided to try this popular, highly raved tailor/ seamstress located at Genting Lane, since it's relatively near us.

Guan Hua Warehouse 
85 Genting Lane
Tel: 6741 3012

Look for Auntie Jenny, they're very much like a factory with a team of seamstress and they are open on Saturdays too!

Just that it's really crowded on a Saturday we waited for like more than 45mins loh.

Here's his white tuxedo shirt. You can customize the type of collar, sleeves you want too and it costs us  $75 only. Cheaper than what you get outside right?

Here's another black shirt with cufflinks Mr. Keir tailor-made. The material is soft and super comfy that he's gona wear it for work too.
Best of all this one cost $35 only! and it's tailor made, we chose some fabric design for the collar and sleeves.

Didn't get to take a picture of Mr. Keir in the shirts alone though.

So Auntie Jenny is definitely value for money.
Highly recommend others to tailor-make not just your tux, even for your working clothes there too!


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