Final Fitting prior to Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The Prelude: Final fitting before Photoshoot

Went for our final fitting 2 days before our photoshoot. Also this time round the groom will take more time as you need to pick the colour of your shirts and accessories that will complement the bride's.

here's Mr. Keir with his tailor-made white tux in his full white suit. i really like the bling "bow tie" but he doesn't feel comfy in it though.  Maybe it looked kind of plain so we changed to a silver vest and silver tie for the photoshoot.

he's got a pair of white & shiny shoes to go with the white suit! & very cheaply too! only at $20! hehez..we managed to source for a few bargains as we don't believe in splurging for items you'll be wearing only like twice.

that's his black suit we're using for photoshoot only. By right we can only choose 2 groom's suit. but since the original one we've chosen for our night dinner to go with my night gown ain't available on our photoshoot day, they made an exception for us to choose a 3rd one for photoshoot! lucky Mr. Keir!
We didn't pick this bow tie too, looked too much like a Waiter! All he need is to carry a tray.

I absolutely love this dress! definitely turns out vibrant in photos. I didn't choose this for Actual day though which caused me to have 2nd thoughts right now!

We're trying to see what kind of combi complements this gown best. the white suit or the black suit?

So the black suit was chosen but how about inner shirt? So the groom went to try the same suit with a black inner shirt this time round.
I can't remember which one he wore for the photoshoot eventually even though it was just wonder they say, hardly anyone notices the groom's attire..

alrighty, this is my outdoor gown, thought of choosing something more unique for outdoor instead of the traditional wedding gown since there'll be tons of shots of the bride in the traditional gown on actual day right?
Though it's not really very flattering - i.e. i look fat in it and legs super short too, but it adds a different feel to the whole album.
Initially i tried to pair it with a pair of black small fish net stockings & boots. but as you can see from the picture, it doesn't complement my short legs, in fact, there ain't much of any legs to be seen.

after a few rounds of mixing & matching, we got so tired & lazy, we decided to just hang the clothes there and visualize..Wahahha...

So with all these settled, or actually not completely, we just agar agar pick and let nature take its course on the day of the shoot.

The best advice I've read was : Expect the unexpected and don't like little boos-boos affect your mood. Just go all out, enjoy yourself and have fun!


  1. Hello,

    where did Mr Keir get his white shoes?
    Cheap, I would like to get it too..


  2. Hi Bob

    oh it's from Moda Palo..they have one store at Toa payoh central too..


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