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the Trial Makeup by Bridal Studio

Went for our my Bridal Trial Makeup session..

Actually this session is really more like a 'getting to know your make-up artist' and vice versa for her to know how you look like, how you are like bla bla bla and to build the rapport first.
Which  i honestly do think given the number of faces they have to put make up on, by the time it's our first actual session i.e. photoshoot on the 12th Oct, she probably can' t remember me, my skin type nor my personality loh.

Well whatever it is, it's already included in the package, so just go for it la..haha..

It's a good thing to predetermine the skills of your make-up artist.

As I shall thick-skinly admit I'm pretty good with eye make up myself.

here's 1 example (not the best la but a normal- day kind)

Can you tell or believe that i'm actually single-eye lid with small eyes?
hehz i should have included a before and after pic too. So yeah based on my standard, it ain't easy to come across a make-up artist that can earn my "good ratings" especially on the eyes.

Anyway our my..or still ours right? since there will definitely be some form of make up on the Groom as well loh. so herein we shall refer it to Our Makeup artist, Shirley, has about 15 yrs of experience and is one of the best make-up artist the studio uses. Or so they proclaim when we were trying to re-sched our photoshoot..hehz... Maybe they say the same thing to every customer for every make-up artist assigned as well..lolx

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against our bridal studio - Sattine Bridal (or yet). Just trying to be realistic. I was a sales person before, so when i hear anything "very sales talk" it'll sound the alarm in my head automatically..lolx..

 To date we're still very contented with their services, especially coming from our coordinator, Jessie, who allowed us to take photos during gown fitting & even suggesting poses for me, who tried her very best to change our photoshoot date and coordinate with all relevant parties, who always sound so cheerful and helpful whenever i call her.

So yeah I should say, by far yes, we're still a happy customer of Sattine Bridal. They are not the cheapest around nor are they the most expensive. They are very much mid-range with unique gowns in my opinion.
Even some of my friends commented so, after looking at our gown fitting pictures.

ok back to Our Make Up Artist, Shirley.
Rapport wise's pretty ok, we can chat abit and she seemed quite easy going, usually they do not use fake lashes for trial makeup as these will be considered chargeable. 
But due to the size of my eyes (too small liaoz) and that i told her that her challenge is to make my eyes as big as possible la...lolx.

She used 1 pair of lashes on each eye to achieve the below look. i.e. total 2 pairs of lashes.

Yes! My eyes indeed seemed so much bigger neh!  So much rounder too.
Of cos both the eyes weren't balance as she's trying out different method to determine the best.
Which i'm thinking if she'll eventually remember when it comes to our photoshoot like 2 weeks later hehz.

But then again, when i appeared fully-made-up in front of Mr. Keir, who's lying and nuaing at a comfy couch used for photography, he just ask "eh got difference with your usual make up meh?"

I duno to feel happy or sad. Maybe i should feel happy that my skills' not losing out to a professional!
But ok la, to be fair, i think Shirley is pretty good as in she make the eyes seemed not just bigger but rounder too. Also i do like the way she uses pastels and glitters to achieve the watery eye look.

And one thing, i really love how a professional make-up artist achieve the flawless looks by applying layers and layers of concealers, foundations, powders without making you look wayang.
it's something which i never get to achieve on my own. too much of either makes it look too plastic!

So yeah, though Mr. Keir thinks it's not much of a difference from my usual but i do like Shirley's works! =)


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