The To-Do List

Just when we thought we can relax abit after our photoshoot, I've realized that we've just 4 months left to our wedding and there're tons of things that are not done at all.

Just like how we reply to people's question of "how's the prep for your wedding" with a "great! nothing's been done yet."

Nonono.. being a themed wedding and wanting it to be different, it's time we start working on the little items.
(I hope Mr. Keir reads this post)

I know the past week has been focused on the room reno. So it's time to to shop for furniture as well as look at the nitty gritties for our wedding prep once again.

I foresee quite a number of DIY projects since we wanted our wedding to be a little different from the norm by having a theme to it. but with it, i'll need couple of help especially in photoshop.
Haiz kind of having 2nd thoughts right now...

Also still having 2nd thoughts over our venue! but well it's all too late now so let's just make the best out of everything ba.

To do list
1) Guest List (yes Mr Keir we have not even came out with a proper guest list of the list of names we'll be inviting..- i've done mine you know who's not doing the job ya..)
2) Meet up with Venue Manager  to site recce again, hopefully with some of my jie meis helping with coordination so we can see how we can decor the place. The venue looks really plain loh...
3) Collect the blank invites from Venue and start sourcing for printers
4) Start designing anor set of invites (but gotta wait for photoshoot photos to be out leh)
5) List down list of items / decors to DIY or to prepare and start sourcing!
6) Wedding favours - even though the venue provides but i thought it's better for us to customise
7) Reconfirm on jie meis rsvp & start sourcing for their dresses!
8) Groom's men..this one duno him, let him settle himself, maybe just choose a colour theme so that it complements the jie meis
9) Wedding Band - yes haven't buy yet.

I think among all, the Guest list is very important and I don't wish to be so naggy about it loh...Grrr..

Bridzella is possessing me soon!