Will you be my Bridesmaid Card?

Though these days we'd ask face to face or via an sms but i thought the idea of having a "Would you be my Bridesmaid card" is kinda cute.

These days we seldom do snail mails and especially that we may not meet up as often, i'd thought of sending a digitized version to represent my sincerity hehez..

Surfed online and found a few graphics that I like and can be used.

Here are some of the shortlisted ones.

simple and straight to the point. This template is available FOC online too. You can just download and print.

Card can be purchased: http://diyweddingkits.blogspot.com/
Ahah this is my Favorite! and i very much wanted to use this initially.

simple sweet pink design..

But in the end I thought in order to make it more personalized, i decided to go the lazy way, incorporating couple of my pictures and to use this to be sent out via email / sms or whatsapp virtually.

thought of using this negative frame to make it a little more "cinematic".
Ya ya the really lazy way out..lolx...

For more "will you be my bridesmaid" card, just google for it and you'll have tons and tons of choices!
Reckon it ain't a popular product used in Singapore though.

i'm abit of a lazy, budget, Practical bride hence thinking if i were to DIY a physical card, firstly i've to trouble them to meet me to pass to them personally or mail to them and after which it might be thrown away also leh!

We're in the digital world now..so let's save the earth! wahahha...
I've very much wanted to photoshop the Movie "Bridesmaid" poster as my invite instead....but there're just too many happenings lately with the photoshoot and our room reno..so yea..just make do with this...=p

i'm sure my lovely bridesmaid wouldn't mind!