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Selection of our Pre-Wedding Photos

Finally, the photos are ready for selection! Initially Mr. Keir and I were pretty firm on not topping up for any additional photos. We're entitled to 36 poses and 25 pages after all. So we thought these should suffice ain't it. Anyway, nothing new to most of us here that usually the bridal studio will be pushing couples to top up more photos etc and also by saying from an artistic point of view, it's nicer to have a series of photo rather then randomly select photos that doesn't form a story line or something. To be honest, how many people will really appreciate your album from the so-called "Artistic" point of view leh? Anyway we have to agree it's indeed nicer to have photos of similar poses and style on the same facing page else it'd look pretty cluttered. and if we were to stick to the 36 poses, the album looks kind of empty and a bit pathetic like that...not so nice. The good thing is, our coordinator is still pretty ok, he did try to pu