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Kiddy Fun at Grandstand Review

Update as at 28 Sept 2016, Kiddy Fun has ceased operations. Even though we've been to Fidgets @ Grandstand twice, I've never noticed that there is another indoor playground - Kiddy Fun at the Grandstand! It was only when I was googling online for more indoor playgrounds suitable for toddlers that I chanced upon Kiddy Fun at Grandstand. Oh did I mention how much I love going to Grandstand? Considering the convenience and free parking there. Imagine my delight when I discovered yet another indoor playground alternative for Sticky Bean at the Grandstand! We went there on Valentines Day morning, being a Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised that Kiddy Fun weren't as crowded as Fidgets. We were at Fidgets the other day on 2nd Jan, Friday, guess too many people were on leave that day given the long weekend and it was mad crowded and chaotic, I've to keep a really close eye on Sticky Bean to prevent her from getting pushed or trampled over by the older kids. I

How to Make Sensory Bottles for Babies & Toddlers

My first attempt at DIY Sensory Bottles  for Baby Ashlene. Really it’s so simple to make and the end result is so pretty! This DIY Sensory Bottle is also versatile, there are just so many variations we can do. Major plus point is that the materials are mostly recycled, unwanted stuffs or in the case of poms poms, really inexpensive. With its versatility, it can keep your toddler occupied for quite a while! This is my  first version of a DIY Sensory Bottle for Baby Ashlene.  How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers It's a visually stimulating sensory bottle of glitter poms poms with some silver sequins which I've found lying around in my office. Shall try the next one with glitter as well. I’m sure it will look so much prettier with glitter. I love it so much that I’ll make one for myself to put at work, now I know why it's also called a calming jar. It does make someone feels peaceful

Baby Fairs 2015 Singapore

Because Mrs. Keir's BFF is expecting a baby, I've been looking out for Baby Fairs all over again, this time round it's Baby Fairs 2015 ! I know we've just missed one Baby Fair (BabyCare Festival 2015) happening in early Feb but I've scanned through the diaper and milk formula deals, nothing fantastic. Thought to share the list of Baby Fairs 2015 happening in Singapore with everyone here. Thought there're only 2 on the list for now, will continue to update as and when there're additional Baby Fairs 2015 to add on. There are a few Baby Fairs happening a year, each of them claiming to be the ''biggest'' baby fair so how will we know which one to go ? Especially if it's located all the way at Singapore Expo, just to share a tip - other than visiting the website to check on the list of exhibitors, I'll also gauge if the Baby Fair is worth going by looking at the number of halls they are in. Exhibitions in Expos are by halls

Sticky Bean's Milestone - Self Feed at 16 months

When it comes to her milestone development, Sticky Bean's just pretty average I reckon. She learnt to walk when she's close to 13 months. And now at 16 months, she's learning to self-feed with a fork. Of course, she's not proficient yet so we still have to guide her and help her at times. This is when i found this product exceptionally useful! The munchkin stay put suction bowl . This is a must have for us both at home or when we are eating out. Love how it suctions the bowl in place and makes it so much easier for Sticky Bean to try eating her snacks or in this instance, self feeding.  It caught us by surprise when we decided to just pass her a fork and see what she will do. To our surprise, she knew what to do with the fork. Thanks to the observation skills that most babies/toddlers are born with. Self feeding with the munchkin stay put suction bowl definitely makes things a lot easier. What else to discourage a toddler from self feeding from a bowl tha