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DIY Toddler's Activities: Just a Simple Carton Box

This is super easy and definitely uses recycled materials. Toddlers have this knack for carton boxes and sitting in it for some reasons. So before we throw the carton box away, we'd take let Sticky Bean have some free play with it. In this case,we let her free play with the empty box before putting in a few colourful plastic balls and she had a ball of time climbing in and out of the box, sitting inside, sitting on top of it..etc. Age attempted: 19 mths Duration entertained: 30 minutes or possibly more Will I try it againe? Definitely Yes!

DIY Toddler's Activities: Pom Pom Drop yet again!

I've previously introduced DIY Toddler's activities using Pom Pom and how I love using pom poms for Sticky Bean's activities as well as how versatile it is. So here I am sharing yet another pom pom drop activity which is simple to make and uses recycled materials too. Materials : 1) poms poms 2) any recycled plastic tub with lid, in my case i used a huge yoghurt tub. The plastic tubs from ice cream containers will work well too So I cut a few holes on the lid so Sticky Bean and push the poms poms through the holes. I cut them in different sizes so she can learn about sizes, cause and effects. Example, for the smaller holes, she will have to push the poms poms and exert strength for the pom poms to drop into the container. Hope this will help hone her fine motor skills further. Alright it's a challenge cutting holes in those lid with a pair of scissors so my holes ain't exactly round. If you're worried about the sharp corners from the jagged edges, y

DIY Toddler's Activities: Mess Free Finger Painting

And so I read about mess free finger painting for toddlers and I thought, Stick Bean will have fun with this! It's such a easy to make DIY Toddler's activities and I have all the materials at home. All you need is 1) Toxic free Paint or watercolour 2) Ziploc bag 3) masking tape. See how the cute lil toddler enjoys this finger painting from  Laughing Kids Learn Blog It look so fun, I definitely must do this for Stick Bean as well. And mine turned out to be like this I have no idea what went wrong, what seemed to be so easy and simple to make turned out to be a MEGA FAIL for me! Not sure if the type of paint does matter, I got the tubes of water colour from Pentel. It's a small tube and I didn't expect to have to use at least 3/4 of the tube for each colour. I tried to do some 'drawing' on it to entice Sticky Bean but no it did not work. When i first put it up on the wall, she walked over to inspect what i was

DIY Toddler's Activities: POM POM Drop Again!

I was sharing about the POM POM drop activity for toddlers previously. I introduced this activity to Sticky Bean when she was 16 months.  Click Here  for the first version of pom pom drop i've attempted. There're just so many variations of pom pom drops for a toddler's activity to ensure that your toddler won't get bored of poms poms so fast! Here's a twist to the pom pom drop activity and it uses recycled materials too. I'm sure you have paper towels at home, just don't throw the roll away when you're done with your paper towels! Stick the paper towel roll to the wall with masking tape and voila! A new pom pom drop activity for your toddler! Sticky Bean was some 19- 20 mths when I attempted this activity for her. It does keep her entertained but for a short while before she change her focus to removing the roll from the wall instead and express interest in playing with the masking tape...=____= Age attempted: 19mths Dura