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My iherb Purchase for Baby Products - Get $10 off your purchase

Just to share on my purchases from  iherb . I've been purchasing baby cereals and munchies as well as some other items from iherb. As amazon doesn't ship food related products to Singapore, iherb will be our next best choice. You can find plenty of organic baby products and food from  iherb  and best of it, it cost just 4 bucks to ship to Singapore, right up to our door steps! Not to mention, it's obviously much cheaper to purchase from  iherb  than from the local stores. so I've been buying most of Baby Ashlene's food and misc from iherb. What's more? you can get $10 off your first iherb purchase by using this promo code DPQ055 when you check out or clicking this link  I got a $10 discount off my very first iherb purchase. Here's the list of items from iherb popular with mummies in Singapore with lots of positive reviews about the product. 1) Earth Mama angel bottom spray - for those having natural birth

Sticky Bean's First Time on a Baby Highchair

Her first time officially sitting on a baby high chair outside while we have our meals at coming to 7.5 And it so happened to be at a coffeeshop..Since mummy was craving for the herbal steamboat at the coffeeshop near Popo's house. And oh her mega ribbon attracts lots of attention from everyone. lolx Look how happy she is... Novelties always distract them for a while, she spent the first 30 minutes exploring and enjoying this novelty, half the time trying to lift the tray up. But novelties never last, some 45 minutes later she starts to protest by whining in her seat. Thank god we were almost done with dinner by then. To give Sticky Bean some credits, she's really well behaved sitting on the baby chair though, considering the fact that we did not give her any toys to keep her occupied. More pic of Sticky Bean with the mega ribbon

Avent Combined Steamer cum Blender and Baby Ashlene's Food / Puree milestone

Usually i'd use our Avent Philips Combined 2 in 1 steamer cum blender to prepare puree for her and freeze the rest so she'll be eating the same puree for about a week. Absolutely love this Avent Philips Combined 2 in 1 steamer cum blender. It makes preparing puree for her a breeze, depending on the type of food, everything can be done in less than 30 minutes including washing. It's so easy to use and washing is a breeze as well. and this is how it works, after steaming the food, simply flip the jar over and you are ready to blend! It also comes with a weaning food guide, recipe as well as recommended steaming time for a variety of food. So here's her puree milestone. I first started out with apple puree (steamed)..argh this was how much she hated it. Guess she's definitely not enjoying the sour after taste.  super reluctant expression  on first taste and then she discovered the sour after taste subsequently, pursing her

Sticky Bean's Milestone: Sitting up by herself

Time to update some of Sticky Bean's milestone. Before she reaches 7 months, she's sitting up by herself already. though she'd still lean backwards or sideways and fall over, she's generally sitting pretty well. If we use the PD's gestational age, that means she's sitting at 5.5 months!  the way she's chomping fiercely on her teether, she's definitely teething! lol Sticky Bean is currently 7 months and she's been drooling alot! Constantly chomping on her teether as well. Even though she can sit relatively well by herself, she's hardly making any attempts to try crawling. She'd only attempt to move using her hands to push herself, I've tried encouraging to move forward by using a toy but she'd try using her hands and after a few failed attempts, chose to ignore the toy completely =___= the only times she'd use her legs and knees to lift her butt up is when she's trying to get a comfy pos