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Sticky Bean is 5 mths old today!

At 5 months, she's busy flipping around. This makes diaper changing and her wipe down super challenging. She gets angry if I stop her from flipping ..grr I can no longer take my time during her wipe down. At times she over flipped n ended up rolling over to the end of her play mat. So dangerous, can no longer leave her alone on her play mat while making milk or going to the toilet. For her safety, daddy and I has decided go get a play pen like this. Well something like this but not this. This is pretty but costs so Much more at 179 at taka baby fair. Saw a more plain looking one at promo price of 69. Probably gona get that if the quality is ok. 

Sticky Bean's Milestones at 5 months - learnt to flipped!

I hate it that my blogger app doesn't work else I could have blogged a lot more often. Now I've to open a browser n blog from my tablet, so unfriendly. Anyway, Sticky Bean managed to flip before she reach 5 months! She's been trying to flip since 3 mths plus but to no avail. Now at 4.8 mths she can flip with such ease. She loves her new found skills so much at times she over flipped and rolled right to the end of her playmat. That spells trouble soon.. Cant wait to show of her flipping skills to her cousin, Asher, who's 5 days older than her and started flipping 1 week earlier than her. The shy smile after her successful flip She look so cute in this pic , I cant resist not posting. Enjoying her bumbo time and getting less jerky in it. She's also grown from a grumpy baby to a happy baby now! Loves to smile to smile at us and selectively with unfamiliar faces. Sticky Bean is definitely babbling a lot more now and at times so loud she

Sticky Bean learning to flip at 4 months

Learning to flip and never failed to amuses us with her many expressions. Sticky Bean at 4.5 months