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Muji Home Renovation Journey

Our BTO is finally ready for keys collection after a 4-year hiatus. It's definitely one of the HDB BTO projects which took the longest time to complete despite it being a small development of just 4 blocks. 
I'll be using this page to document our 4 room BTO Renovation Journey so please continue scrolling to access the links for the respective part of our Muji Home Renovation Journey

Major Highlights

  • The bold decision to convert the original living room to Sticky Bean's bedroom (scroll down for image)
  • Can you do minimalist design with a kid living in the same house?
  • How to get more storage space? (we have so much storage 40% of them are still empty)

HDB Cement Screeding

We're lucky in the sense that we applied for our BTO in 2014, just months before HDB announces that they will stop providing cement screeding out of goodwill.  So we managed to do an appeal at HDB Branch office and have it done for us. The goodwill cement screeding provided by HDB is up till 40 mm only whereas you will need a height of 50 mm for vinyl hence the contractor will quote you estimated SGD900 additional for a 4 room BTO like ours. Lead time takes up to 4 weeks upon submission of the form to HDB branch office.
You can only submit the form upon HDB defects rectification completion.

So on 9 October 2018, we finally collected our keys and did our BTO Door Opening Ceremony Ritual. You can read about our BTO Door Opening Ceremony Ritual here

I was still worried if the block in front of us would have blocked our view but that worry was cast aside the moment we entered our BTO. Simply love the view from our 30th-floor unit.

Would love to get a 5 room unit since it will be a lot more spacious but it's a pity that HDB does not launch 5 room units in mature estates for some reasons so we have to settle for our 4 room BTO in exchange for the convenience of the location.

Here's the milestone of our Muji Style BTO Renovation Journey with links where applicable.

Preview special - we made a bold decision to convert the living room to Sticky Bean's bedroom as we simply detest the L-shaped living room from the kitchen. Check out our Completed Muji Inspired Home to see how it turns out

And there you go, we've been staying comfortably in our Muji Inspired Home for a year plus and still loving it. The quality from the works of D5 Studio Image is pretty impressive, so far no major problems. There were an instance where the cabinet mechanism wasn't working well and Dave immediately arranged for a carpenter to fix it for us even after a year.


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