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Our Muji Home Reno Journey | Carpentry done

And finally, the most tedious part of our Muji Home Reno Journey is here. Our carpentry is finally done. D5 Studio Image once again impresses us with their efficient work. All these carpentry took less than 10 days to complete, in fact, it took them just a couple of days and a couple more days for some minor rectification. And do note, all these were done during the usual peak period for renovation - end of the year and rushing to handover before Chinese New Year. Once again. KUDOS to Dave and his team at D5 Studio Image.

Throughout the renovation, even when they are working on the carpentry, we hardly have to make any visits and we will be pleasantly surprised with the progress whenever we pop by our unit over the weekend.

Planning the carpentry for your home is no easy feat. You literally need to walk to every inch of your house and picture how you will use the space. Be prepared for plenty of debates with your other half whilst you're at it.
For example, sit at the area where you think your dining table will be at, and picture how you'll use it, where you'll be sitting and imagine the scene of yourself having your meal there, what furnishing/carpentry would you need? In our case, Dave proposed having a tall cabinet to cover up the kitchen door. I wouldn't have thought of any use for this tall cabinet but now that we've shifted in, this tall cabinet at the dining area prove to be super useful. Good to place your coasters, tissue boxes, table clothes etc.

We're proud to present, the completed carpentry for our Muji Home:

 Can you tell which area is this?
It's the tic-tac door where we've cleverly hidden the DB box area as well as our bomb shelter.

 It gives us plenty of storage place too. So hello to our shoe collection.

 Absolutely love this area, how it hid the bomb shelter so well and how seamless it looks when all the doors are closed.
There's more to what you can see in the images above. This is actually an L shaped wall and the door to the other bedroom is completely flushed in with this design.

 And now for another space-saving feature, I absolutely adore - a settee in the living room that gives us some storage space too.

 In a perfect colour tone that goes super well with our vinyl flooring.

Now, this is how the inside of the new bedroom, previously living room, looks like.

Our flexible open concept kitchen. With doors like this, it gives us the flexibility to close the kitchen should we ever decide to cook up a storm. 

 Love how the wood panels blend completely with our Muji home. It was also Dave's, D5 Studio Image, idea to build a tall cabinet there. Firstly it's to hide the door panels when it's fully opened and also for practical use. It does prove to be really useful for us to have easy access to items.

 And that's how our open concept kitchen looks like with panels fully opened.

 We don't have a huge kitchen, yeah I know.  Our island is also slightly narrower than what I'd like but well this is a sacrifice I have to make to give ourselves more living space.

 Top kitchen cabinets

We did a tall cabinet to hide the huge ass ugly water pipes

There you go, 2 of them. And this cabinet proved to be super useful to store our cleaning tools and supplies.

 Dave has also built in 2 of these spice rack system for us.

Another tall cabinet which gives us plenty of storage.

Now for our tatami room

 It's important to work on the layout of the tatami storage so as to fully maximise this storage area. You have to first imagine what you would like to store inside. For example, we need to store a futon in there for sure since it doubles up as a guest room so we've requested for 1 larger compartment long enough for us to store a futon of 120 cm width.

 Absolutely love how it turns out. Now that we've placed the traditional tatami mats over it, I can't quite decide which version I like better, the platform on its own or the version with its traditional tatami mats.
 Storage once again, plenty of them.


 The only carpentry we did in the master bedroom was this - our wardrobe. Not big, I know. Not enough to put all of a couple's clothes in? yea, I know. So here's our challenge, we're working towards being minimalist, in line with our clean-cut, Muji home.

 And here's the only tiles work we did, to overlay the shower are in the master bathroom. Looks great eh.

Love how our muji home is starting to look the part and it's almost complete!

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  2. Hihi, I just saw your blog and thought that your layout is amazing! Do you have any regrets changing the living room to a bedroom? Im thinking of doing the same as you.

  3. Hi! I saw your cabinet which you hid your pipes. Does the above cabinet has shelves or is it an open hole? My id did something similar but I feel it's kind of useless if I can't utilise the cabinet above. Please update me because I can't justify the wasted space above. Thanks!

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