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Fidgets at the Grandstand (Turf City) Review - Babies / Toddlers area

Brought baby Ashlene to Fidgets at the Grandstand on a Monday. Ain't sure about the weekend crowd but you know how chaotic indoor playgrounds can be with crowds hence thought of checking out the place on a weekday. Just a little intro about Fidget @ Grandstand Growing from 10,000 sq feet to 16,000 sq feet - Fidgets World is the flagship store and the largest outlet under the Fidgets family! Located at The Grandstand, Fidgets World houses multiple concepts under one roof! With activities such as music, baking, art & craft, makeover and a photo studio - children and even adults will enjoy endless fun at Fidgets World! What a right decision it was! Fidget at the Grandstand is pretty empty on a weekday, especially at the babies / toddlers area. Most of the time, there are only 2 or 3 other babies / toddlers at the babies / toddlers section as you can see from the photos. So..why Fidgets?  Fidgets at Grandstand Review 1. Read pretty good reviews and saw photos of th