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List to get Diapers Samples

List updated 26 September 2017 Countdown to Sticky Bean’s arrival – in 2 months time Hence I tried to do some research on selecting the right diapers, knowing how much to stock up per size. So far read that babies outgrew newborn sizes pretty fast within the first month depending on the weight of your baby hence so far we’ve only gotten 2 packs of newborns and 2 packs of S size from Huggies during taka fair promotion in order to get the free 2 bottles of Medela milk storage bottles. Still kind of lost on which brand to choose decided to go shop around at either Parents World Exhibition 30 th August – 1 st Sept at expo this weekend or Parents & Living exhibition end Sept at Suntec to do a bit of stocking up. Heard good raves about Goo.N diapers and that the newborn size cutting is bigger than the rest, so thinking of getting one more pack of newborn size since MIL suggest to use disposable during the first few weeks due to the frequent peeing and pooing.

What Nobody tells you about being pregnant...

Well being a woman, we're more or less aware of what's gona happen to our body when we are pregnant, of course we put on weight, our figure goes haywire, there's the typical fatigue, backache, lack of energy, frequent need to pee, water retention, restriction on the drinks and food intake. Each mummy tend to get different symptoms. Apart from the above common symptoms, there are other symptoms which i was totally caught off guard, just thought of sharing it here.. 1) pimples/ breakouts not just on the face but all over my body 2) frequent itching all over the body even though i do not suffer from heat rash 3) greasy / oily hair and face 4) much bigger nose somehow with black and white heads and tiny bumps on them no matter how diligent i am in putting a clay mask and squeezing those black heads out 5) this is the worst. Black armpits!! oh yes BLACK!!! nobody tells me and i never read about preggie mummies suffering from BLACK armpits as part of the pregnancy s

Sponsored Post: Maternity Exchange @ Marina Square review

Went to Maternity Exchange @ Marina Square, #03-108   to shop around as I’m officially in the final trimester, some of the loose fitting dresses I’ve been wearing couldn’t fit anymore =( Even though the size of the shop ain’t as big as the bigger chain stores such as Mother care, I’m quite impressed by the variety and quality of the items they carry. Not only do they carry a variety of maternity wear, they do have intimate wear for pre and post pregnancy as well as some baby’s items. The maternity wear found in the shop is of really good, comfortable and cooling material as well. Of cos there’s always a price to pay for better quality stuffs, dresses ranges from $100 and above and they do have a fair collection of nursing dresses.  This Ripe Cowl Neck Dress   is one of the best sellers in the shop. And I really love this Jules & Jim Hypnotic Summer Dress !  I prefer my maternity clothes to be of brighter colours and cheerful looking to bring s

Baby Bump at 28 Weeks

another milestone to chart, we've officially entered the final trimester at 28 weeks, 7 months! let's take a look at how the bump is growing with our sticky bean inside. of cos we can't really tell how much it has grown based on the current pics.. so here's one comparing 6 months and 7 months Our sticky bean is estimated to be weighing 1.3kg on average based on 28 weeks check up and at 26 weeks, she just hit her first kg! Gynae still stays with his "sticky bean's gona be a big baby theory" hehz..but apparently he is happy that sticky bean will be big as there's a high chance that i have to be induced early due to my blood pressure so it's a good thing that baby is big and not too small should she be induced early.

The impromptu Get Away Trip – Berjaya Times Square KL Staycation

Just when we thought our Babymoon to Desaru will be the last trip for at least 1-2 yrs, we need to travel up to KL for 3 days to company my mother in law to visit one of the auntie whose health has not been in a good condition We were in a dilemma to fly to KL or to take a coach, of course taking one of those vip coaches will be much more comfortable though it takes a longer time and even though they say it’s safe for preggie but being the kiasu mummy and daddy to be, both Mr. Keir and myself thought it’s better to play safe and travel by coach. I was initially worried about having to hold my pee for the 6-7 hours bus journey and only allowed 2 toilet breaks but phewz thank god I pulled through that! I’d visit the toilet whenever there’s any opportunity and limit my water intake during the journey. And so we left on a Saturday and came back on a Monday. Decided to stay at Berjaya Times Square hotel though it’s slightly more expensive than some of the promotional hotels. B

Bad Experience @ Modern Maternity, Harbourfront

It all started with the ‘auntie’ me who wanted to use this $10 voucher given to me during my previous purchase there. Bought a dress at $69.30 after 30% discount, UP $99.00 It was the first maternity shop I’ve stepped into and the first maternity dress I bought from a retail store. Though the shopping experience the first time was so-so, they were no doubt very pushy but being a first time mummy and excited about trying on so many maternity dresses, I ain’t too particular yet. Perhaps also cos I’ve bought a dress there eventually hence the service was still “bearable” Alrighty so I went back a 2 nd time hoping to utilize my $10 voucher, even though I think the clothes there are just quite ok and a bit over priced for the material but if I can $10 off a piece then it should be reasonable. But the 2 nd experience there is totally disgusting! Firstly, they were even more pushy and aggressive than ever! I always think when dealing with preggie mummies you got