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The Traditional Tea Dress

Went for a fitting to select my tea dress...hmm.. After trying on 3 different types of Kua, most of them look alike to me. Other than the cutting and material so iI chose the relatively modern type made with silk like material. Super cooling and comfy to wear! I didn't realize that the traditional Kua cannot be altered. Then again, make sense la cos of all the beadings and embroidery on it. I'm wearing S size and it kind of got me thinking again...then those brides slimmer than me how? And so I asked, So what type of body shape is suitable for the Cheong Sam? Cos I always have this thinking that you must be really slim to wear it. which is only half correct. The coordinator actually say that you've to be tall and with abit of flesh, else probably can't see the curves and all...hmm.. Anyway to satisfy my personal desire, even though I am short and fat, i decided to try on the cheong sam type as tea dress..lolx... Surprisingly I still look ok leh...(i think)

Wedding stuff from Chinatown

Went over to Chinatown with Mr. Keir and Mama to check out if there's any suitable Chinese Customary Wedding items for us.. and here are some of the loots...   There're tons of shops selling traditional chinese wedding items at Chinatown market or Chinatown complex as it's commonly known as. It's the market nearest to CK departmental store. They've plenty of wedding bedsheets to choose from with prices as low as $30++ for a simple bedsheet set to $60+ for a silk wedding bed sheet. We didn't really want the traditional wedding bedsheet cos you'll probably only use it for a while. So we got a white based floral bedsheet as our wedding bedsheet. At least we can still use it after the wedding. Hmm not sure if this is considered reasonably priced, didn't take a picture of our bedsheet cos Mr. Keir kept it in a rather inaccessible area as soon as we got back..Zzzz. Anyway we'll need a plain based bedsheet cos our bedfra