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Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party for 1st Birthday

This is another super outdated post, Baby Ashlene finally had a Minnie Mouse Themed birthday party for her 1st Birthday in late September 2014. (yes i know it's already Dec just when i decided to blog about this). And so it was mummy's first attempt to DIY a Minnie Mouse Themed birthday party or rather a Minnie Mouse themed candy table for her. IMO having a themed party always add some identity to the party itself and makes the planning and decoration so much easier. As there are tons of DIYs, mummy started preparations months ago! Googling for Minnie Mouse Themed birthday ideas, designing labels etc, sourcing for the right candies to customize the packaging and spending lots of time cutting, pasting, doing the banner etc. It's a good experience, though the end result looks pretty good ( i mean you can see it's a Minnie Mouse theme ), there are lots of little regrets, should-have-done-this-instead-of-that sentiments. Another lesson learnt, no more chalet cel