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DIY: How to make a diaper cake tutorial

Been wanting to share this tutorial for the longest time. It was my bff's baby girl's full month, her being my bff, I wanted to give her something special but at the same time having sticky bean in the house also means I will not have the luxury of time for complex and time consuming items. I always like the idea of DIY-ing things for someone special and my bff is someone who is really special to me. When I chanced across a diaper cake, I was thinking, that's it! A diaper cake it shall be!!! Diaper cakes are available for purchase too but its ridiculously expensive, it's relatively simple to make and if you DIY a diaper cake, you can save upto 60% of the cost, depending on the diaper brands you chose. For my very first DIY diaper cake, I use Merries in size S. We all know that babies grow really first and outgrow their diapers before we knew it. So forget about newborn sized diapers, go for sized S or size M. Materials required: Diapers of course. I used 1

DIY Edible Play Dough for Toddlers

And so I read about how much fun and sensory it is for young toddlers to be playing with play dough and how versatile it can be for toddlers activities as well. I'm such a sucker for versatile products when it comes to toddlers activities so I tried my my hands on making our very own edible play dough. Ingredients 2 cups of plain flour 1 cup of salt 1 tbs of oil 1 cup cold water Optional: food colouring, i use red and the dough turns out pink! pretty!! Instructions Mix plain flour and salt Add everything else and mix well, you probably need to do quite a bit of kneading Add water if it's too dry or add more flour if consistency is too wet This recipe's definitely not the best edible playdough recipe out there. I find the dough a little too crumbly and oily. It leaves bits of crumbs behind and a little bit of oil stain on our couch. Trying to be the smart alec, I added more water the next day when we bring out the play dough to play and when Sticky bean

DIY Toddlers Activities:Toddler activities with poms poms + Free printables

Even though I hold a full time job, I make it a point to do some form of toddlers activities with her every evening. It doesn't take a lot of time and the educational values and effect these toddlers activities have on your toddler is way too amazing. For most of sticky bean's activities at home, I try to recycle the same materials over and over again, so you'll see a lot of 'same same but different' kind of activities I do with sticky bean. Some of my favourite items which I feel is worth the purchase due to the high versatality of the items include poms poms, pipecleaners and popsicle sticks! There're just endless possibilities with them and perfect for activities to hone their fine motor skills, creating a sense of order, visual discrimination and so much more. So here's another simple activity, plus there are free printables available online! Chanced upon this website  with plenty of awe

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour sorting again!

Not sure if I'm just addicted to creating colour sorting activities for sticky bean or was it because the colour sorting activities were just so easy to create that I kept doing different variations over and over again! This time round was with some coloured wooden blocks I found in the house and it requires almost no preparation at all. Materials needed 1. Wooden coloured blocks or you can use LEGO bricks too 2. Piece of paper 3. Crayon I wrote the colour in its corresponding colour on a piece of paper and placed it on the floor. Did a demonstration by displaying the corresponding coloured blocks in the same row. After a few rounds, Sticky bean follow suit. Just making use of her newly found skill of colour sorting and creating same same but different activities. Age attempted: 24 months Duration entertained: 20 - 30 minutes Will I do it again?: Definitely! For more colour sorting activities ideas, do check out the link below. I love some of the

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour sorting with Popsicle sticks

Another project using inexpensive and up-cycled materials. Like I mention earlier in the colour sorting with pom pom activity, once your toddler mastered the skill of colour sorting, there're so many variations and endless activities you can do with them! Here's one impromptu version that I came up with while staring at the empty carton which came with my iherb purchase and pondering what to do with it. Materials required: 1. coloured Popsicle sticks (also known as ice-cream sticks)  2. small carton box 3. scissors 4. crayons Simply cut slits in the carton box, colour the slits with the corresponding colours as the popsicle sticks with crayon and voila!  You've got yourself a DIY colour sorting toy! As Sticky bean find the corresponding slit for the popsicle sticks, I'll say the colour verbally as well. As with all other activities with toddler, we need to verbalise every action as much as possible. This will help them register and learn new

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour Sorting with Poms Poms

I've started doing this Toddlers Colour Sorting activity couple of months back since Sticky bean was some 20 months I think and I still do this with her occasionally and added few variations of colour sorting activities ever since. All you need are poms poms and a muffin tray for this activity. Once your toddler master this sorting skill, there're just so many variations you can do with a colour sorting activity! Took me couple of times to do this with Sticky Bean before she finally understands that she is supposed to sort the poms poms in accordance to their colours.   Age attempted: 20 months Duration entertained: 20 mins Will I try it again: Definitely! In fact I've done a few variations of colour sorting activities for toddlers ever since.  For more colour sorting activities ideas, do check out the link below. I love some of the ideas!

Simple Sensory Play with Upcycled Materials

Alright this is super post dated, been a long time since I posted. As I have a full time job and few months back,I just changed my job due to unforeseen circumstances. Took a while to finally find time to clear my backlog. Here goes, couple of months back I found these tiny pieces of triangular cardboard pieces used as filler in our product shipment so I brought a bag home with me. Thought it can be used as a quick and easy way for sensory play by simply dumping it into a bin with some of the shapes coming from her shape sorter toys. It worked out pretty well, kept Sticky bean busy for a while     I've no idea this can be so much fun for a toddler Age attempted: 21 mths Duration entertained: 15 minutes  Will I try it again? Yes, I see great potential in reusing this for sensory or I spy activities