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Our Master Bedroom Basic Reno

Finally did a mini reno for the master bedroom. We're not looking at a major makeover nor splurging on an ID for the room as it doesn't make economical sense. Moreover we ain't sure how long would we be staying there here comes. Not easy getting a contractor willing to do a small job just for the room 1) Removal/ hacking of built in wardrobe 2) polishing and re varnishing of parquet flooring 3) Repainting of the room 4) Painting of 2 room's doors Total Damage: $950 + $80 for bangala to throw de debris away... Kaoz..smelly smelly also $1k loh...haiz......Talk about the high expenses related to wedding matters.. Let's take a look at the Before & After... Big difference right? After paying $1k for this room, it better look different from the original room loh. The workmanship's not too bad actually. There're no signs of damage or residue after the built in wardrobe has been removed. The flooring's the part we felt

Sneaky Peeks to our Wedding

Taken from our photoshoot this Series the best! Can't wait for photos to be out!

Film Reel Canister for our Cinematic Theme!

Look what I've got! Film reels + canister as additional decor to bring out our Cinematic night! ain't easy to get stuffs like this i supposed and they are the Real Original films! gosh is each huge reel heavy so I have the films cut into smaller pieces and roll as above... Wanted to bring back more of the canisters but they are so huge and bulky i reckon we can make do with just 4 of them right?

The To-Do List

Just when we thought we can relax abit after our photoshoot, I've realized that we've just 4 months left to our wedding and there're tons of things that are not done at all. Just like how we reply to people's question of "how's the prep for your wedding" with a "great! nothing's been done yet." Nonono.. being a themed wedding and wanting it to be different, it's time we start working on the little items. (I hope Mr. Keir reads this post) I know the past week has been focused on the room reno. So it's time to to shop for furniture as well as look at the nitty gritties for our wedding prep once again. I foresee quite a number of DIY projects since we wanted our wedding to be a little different from the norm by having a theme to it. but with it, i'll need couple of help especially in photoshop. Haiz kind of having 2nd thoughts right now... Also still having 2nd thoughts over our venue! but well it's all too late now s

Where to get a Tux for the Groom?

Reckon that's what every groom needs. and since it's gona be worn only twice - unless your groom has tons of formal functions to attend, we do not want to pay so much for his tuxedo shirt. As we're the Budget & Practical couple - recap: he spent $20 on his shoes (Moda Paolo) and me spent $30+ on my bridal heels  from TANGS Studio (70% discount) In a place like Singapore, it's GSS all year round la. So there're plenty of good buys out there if you have the time to search and shop for it.  Cheap buys may not necessary equates to low quality products. So for his Tuxedo shirt, I've browsed tons and tons of forums and realized that Tailor-make seemed a popular choice among the gentlemen. Since the price is probably around the same or even Cheaper than the off the racks shirt you get from our G2000, Rhaoul etc. We've decided to try this popular, highly raved tailor/ seamstress located at Genting Lane, since it's relatively near us.

Will you be my Bridesmaid Card?

Though these days we'd ask face to face or via an sms but i thought the idea of having a "Would you be my Bridesmaid card" is kinda cute. These days we seldom do snail mails and especially that we may not meet up as often, i'd thought of sending a digitized version to represent my sincerity hehez.. Surfed online and found a few graphics that I like and can be used. Here are some of the shortlisted ones. simple and straight to the point. This template is available FOC online too. You can just download and print. Card can be purchased: Ahah this is my Favorite! and i very much wanted to use this initially. simple sweet pink design.. But in the end I thought in order to make it more personalized, i decided to go the lazy way, incorporating couple of my pictures and to use this to be sent out via email / sms or whatsapp virtually. thought of using

Sneak Peeks: Candid shots of our Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

Finally, it's the day of our pre-wedding photoshoot! Despite that we're not 100% prepared with the props and stuffs we wana use, despite the fact that i was disappointed over not being able to shoot at IKEA , despite that we've to rush through all the preps and getting his shirts done in time etc, despite that weather's been rainy and gloomy lately, we'd decided to Expect the Unexpected and go with the flow! Mr Keir says more importantly, both of us must enjoy and be happy~! And he was so right! We went with an open mind and I chucked my disappointments and stress aside. We'd such a fun, happy day!  We're also so proud of ourselves that everything went on so smoothly and we're able to achieve the kind of look and effect that the photographer wants! Or rather, I'm so proud of Mr. Keir cos he ain't the kind who enjoys taking photo but he's been such a good sport yesterday even a friend of ours was surprised by his Fun sid

What to Pack for our photoshoot

forgot to take a pic of all of our props..haha..maybe i'll take a pic when i eventually unload the props from my car and post one of these days... but here's our list - what i can remember.. Groom 1) 1 X Tuxedo white shirt for the groom (tailor made @ Auntie Jenny's $75 nia!) 2) 1 X Black shirt ( also tailor made @ auntie jenny at only $35! and the material is so comfy!) 3) 1 X maroon shirt (never use) & 1 X pink stripped shirt (use for "casual) 4) a pair of cuff links 5) 2 pair of socks - 1 black, 1 white 6) 2 pairs of shoes - 1 black & 1 white too 7)  black belt Bride - like so much lesser stuffs since mostly provided by Sattine Bridal 1) A pair of ivory heels ( that i didn't wear either, since the gown covers everything) 2) a few pairs of black heels (covered & open toe. See which one match the outdoor best ma) 3) 1 X black mini fish net stockings (just in case though the idea was scrapped) 4) 1 X nude stockings (just in c

Final Fitting prior to Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The Prelude: Final fitting before Photoshoot Went for our final fitting 2 days before our photoshoot. Also this time round the groom will take more time as you need to pick the colour of your shirts and accessories that will complement the bride's. here's Mr. Keir with his tailor-made white tux in his full white suit. i really like the bling "bow tie" but he doesn't feel comfy in it though.  Maybe it looked kind of plain so we changed to a silver vest and silver tie for the photoshoot. he's got a pair of white & shiny shoes to go with the white suit! & very cheaply too! only at $20! hehez..we managed to source for a few bargains as we don't believe in splurging for items you'll be wearing only like twice. that's his black suit we're using for photoshoot only. By right we can only choose 2 groom's suit. but since the original one we've chosen for our night dinner to go with my night gown ain't ava

Additional Unique Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Venues - updated 2014

The previous time I didn't share my idea of this venue I'd very much wanted to take our pre-wedding photo shoot at as I find it pretty unique and lifestyle, much to the way we wanted it to be! However due to the restrictions on timing, our bridal studio's ain't able to adhere to the timing...*sobz* Anyway just to share with all of you, if you're looking at something out of the norm and more lifestyle like, you can consider to have your pre-wedding photoshoot done at IKEA! Image Source Oh yea right that's IKEA ! With their lovely ambiance and concept corners, you can easily have a series of homely, lifestyle shots! moreover, to date i seldom see couples having their pre-wedding shots there. Talk about Unique!   Very much what I'd like. You can be in couple wear pajamas with the groom massaging for the bride or with the bride servicing the groom with good food in a kitchen setting! You can even have both the groom and bride enjoyin

the Trial Makeup by Bridal Studio

Went for our my Bridal Trial Makeup session .. Actually this session is really more like a 'getting to know your make-up artist' and vice versa for her to know how you look like, how you are like bla bla bla and to build the rapport first. Which  i honestly do think given the number of faces they have to put make up on, by the time it's our first actual session i.e. photoshoot on the 12th Oct, she probably can' t remember me, my skin type nor my personality loh. Well whatever it is, it's already included in the package, so just go for it la..haha.. It's a good thing to predetermine the skills of your make-up artist. As I shall thick-skinly admit I'm pretty good with eye make up myself. here's 1 example (not the best la but a normal- day kind) Can you tell or believe that i'm actually single-eye lid with small eyes ? hehz i should have included a before and after pic too. So yeah based on my standard, it ain't easy to co