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Sneak Peeks: Candid shots of our Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

Finally, it's the day of our pre-wedding photoshoot!
Despite that we're not 100% prepared with the props and stuffs we wana use, despite the fact that i was disappointed over not being able to shoot at IKEA, despite that we've to rush through all the preps and getting his shirts done in time etc, despite that weather's been rainy and gloomy lately, we'd decided to Expect the Unexpected and go with the flow!

Mr Keir says more importantly, both of us must enjoy and be happy~!

And he was so right! We went with an open mind and I chucked my disappointments and stress aside.
We'd such a fun, happy day! 

We're also so proud of ourselves that everything went on so smoothly and we're able to achieve the kind of look and effect that the photographer wants!

Or rather, I'm so proud of Mr. Keir cos he ain't the kind who enjoys taking photo but he's been such a good sport yesterday even a friend of ours was surprised by his Fun side! hehez..

Okz dokiez, I'm sure most of you just can't wait to take a look at the pictures...well we didn't manage to take plenty of candid shots as we've been kept quite busy.

Thankfully a very uber good friend a.k.a. Da Jie agreed to come over in the afternoon to help drive us around for our outdoor. Help us save a lot of time as she can easily drop us at the venue we want to shoot instead of having to find a car park lot at each venue.
and that also means she can't help take candid shots for us during our outdoor shooting too..

So the day started early with us having a hearty breakie at 7 plus in the morning...

our hearty breakie..hehz...

and so we managed to reach our bridal studio about on time at 9:10am (supposed to reach at about 9am)..

as you can spot in the pic, that's me carrying a mega My Melody bag with all our barangs inside. Actually there's another bag Mr. Keir's carrying. We're considered one of the couples with lesser baggage liaoz...

ok that's a super unglam shot of me..haha.
But I must say, our make-up artist, Shirley is really pretty good. I love the eye make-up she does and she's really so serious in doing a good job that she keep experimenting different ways of putting the lashes to see which gives the Largest Eye effect!
She's also so nice that she even went next door to try to borrow suspenders for one of our styles leh..hehez..

our first outfits! My favourite red gown! ok i'm too lazy to photoshop any of the pics, so yea don't get too disgusted with my mega arms! 

Actually i love most of the indoor hair styles. Just find it a pity the outdoor's hairstyle ain't too flattering. Cos it's a rainy and windy day, so in order not to mess up the hair, Shirley tried to have most of it pinned up. But i'm quite round ma so when most hair's all pinned up, i look rounder loh...

Well like Mr. Keir has preached to me, just take everything with an open mind and enjoy ourselves!
With this mindset, it didn't spoil my mood at all, in fact i'd thought not a bad thing too! cos i don't look as good = fatter outdoor pics = lesser photos to choose = not having to worry about topping up a bomb when it comes to selection of photos!

that's Mr. Keir with the feather duster..haha & me fully accessorized and ready for the shoot!

the Pajamas - Tigress Themed shoot! This was actually my favourite style loh. Can't wait to see how the photos will turn out like hehz.
Really glad that our photographer, Chris did his best and gave us tons of idea for this too!
Though both him and Shirley were a little surprised that there's actually a bride who wants to make herself look so unglam ahaha.
I was supposed to mimic "Bao Zhu Po" but i forgot about the bedroom slippers..Grrrrrr....

Like i say, i love most of the hair-dos shirley has done. Including this mini-bird cage veil...
It's a pity we're quite pressed for time as in once i'm done, it's off to shoot already so hardly have time to take pics. Realised that i only managed to capture a handful of shots & it's without the full gown!

Mr. Keir actually fell asleep while waiting in between shots..hehez..i guess that's a norm?
Ok here's the look with the traditional gown & veil.
Love this look too! Shirley made me look so princessy!!
She used extensions for the 2 bunch of curls you see as my hair is not thick enough. It's a pity that i will not be able to have the same style for my Actual day cos it's not advisable to use extensions. Very paiseh if kena pulled then your hair come out. I don't think I wana surprise our guests that way...ahahaa

heng i remembered to take a candid shot of us together hehez. a momento for us for now while waiting for the pro photos to be ready. So it shall be my favourite photo for now..

Here comes the outdoor shots!!

now you know what i meant by less flattering with most of my hair pinned up le hor...
anyway we love this place as it's very vintage!
Special thanks to Da jie for helping to take candid shots too!
Also to Chris who's been pretty chin chai also. If you kena those not so chin chai photographers, they will not allow you to even take photos at a different angle.

As you can see, we're having so much fun!
Mr. Keir was such a good sport and we managed to achieve each style easily.
Initially we thought we're like ok-ok nia till they commented ours is considered really smooth and able to give the photographer the feel easily.

Now i'm starting to worry, even though i look rounder in the outdoor style but then even candid shots look so nice la...shit...our goal is not to Top up money for extra photos at all..How how how??

another scene @ Portsdown road.
and that's our photographer you see in blue at the corner...

Quite pro i must saying, climbing up the tree, got bitten by ants, lying down on a road just to get the best angle.

After Portsdown, we went over to Arab street for more shots. THe building were really colourful there and we managed to capture a few good shots too.

Also with some congratulations from strangers and a caucasian lady who came out to me, gave me a hug and exclaimed that my gown was simply Fabulous..awwwww...

One thing, it's hard to focus with so many eyes staring at you when doing the photoshoot there though.
Didn't managed to get any candid shots cos our Poor Da jie was trying to look for a car park lot whilst we were happily snapping away.

Really appreciate her great help else our day wouldn't have been so smooth.

We finished the shot and got back to the studio by about 6 plus..

Tadah! Both of us still looking fresh & energetic after a full day of photoshoot.
Kinda surprised us too we thought we'll be so groucy and tired after a long day but we had so much fun and were so happy that you can't tell any sign of tiredness right?


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