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8 Day 7 Night Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Iitnerary (Taiwan)

Finally, we embarked on an exploration trip to the Southern part of Taiwan. Having heard so much about E-Da World in Kaohsiung, we decided to take a direct flight just to explore Kaohsiung. Initially, we'd wanted to do a Kaohsiung-Tainan trip but decided to skip Tainan this time around and did a Kaohsiung-Nantou trip instead.

We had so much fun and would highly recommend a visit to Kaohsiung to any families travelling with kids. In fact, we find Kaohsiung a lot more child-friendly than Taipei. It is also less crowded so it makes it less claustrophobic taking public transport in Kaohsiung as opposed to Taipei. The people there are also a lot friendlier and helpful.

This time around, my mum joined us as well and Sticky Bean was ecstatic as she gets to spend quality time with her Popo.

Here's a preview of our 8 Days 7 Night Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Itinerary (Taiwan). You can click on the respective days for a detailed post. The link will be up once it's ready.

Our itinerary is planned in a way we spent the first 2 nights of our Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Trip in Kaohsiung near to the airport and explore the attractions nearby > travel up to Nantou and stay in Nantou for 2 nights > back to Kaohsiung and stay nearer to city area for the last 3 nights.

Accommodation: 2 nights stay in Hoya Resort

It's our virgin experience taking Scoot and spent weeks before our Kaohsiung Trip pre-empting Sticky Bean about the lack of entertainment system in flight. Luckily we had a pleasant experience taking Scoot to Kaohsiung. The flight was punctual, albeit a full flight. Sticky Bean was well behaved throughout the 4-hour flight gadget-less.
The flight was a little too bright and early for our liking though, it's scheduled to depart at 7 am. We reached Kaohsiung before 12 noon. Our arrival was delayed slightly due to the strong wind at Kaohsiung Airport.

Tip #1: Forget about your changi airport egg wifi rental, get a SIM card at Kaohsiung Airport, it cost SGD20+ with talk time and unlimited data. You can use this SIM card as a hotspot and share with your family

-  12 noon Kaohsiung Airport to Hoya Resort Hotel,高雄富野外度假酒店 , less than 15 minutes via MRT & LRT (4 stops away) Read about our review here
- Hoya Resort to deposit luggage, take LRT to Dream Mall,夢時代, 1 of the biggest mall in Kaohsiung  (3 LRT Stops)
- Check-in Hoya Resort, Sticky Bean went crazy in the humongous kids friendly room
- Evening time check out Youth Night Market and settled dinner there

Tip #2: If you have a few luggage with you, then consider hailing a taxi to the hotel instead. Kaohsiung LRT and MRT ain't linked so you have to get out of the MRT, walk to the LRT and board separately. Can be pretty confusing, not an easy feat while handling a young one and some luggage.

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 1: We try to keep Day 1 really light due to the super early flight but somehow we ended the day exhausted.  Pleasant surprises came one after another. From the humongous Kids friendly accommodation with slide at Hoya Resort to its close proximity to Youth Market (directly below) and the huge variety of stalls at the market. I have nothing to complain about for Day 1. It was as best as it can get.

Read about our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 1 in detail here. Don't forget to check out our Hoya Resort Kaohsiung review too.

Cijin island is easy to access from Hoya Resort, it's a direct LRT ride away. So today, we catered most of the day exploring just Cijin island. Remember, when you travel with a young kid, you get slowed down so we like to take it light and easy with just one or two attractions a day. Boy, are we glad we did that, by the time we left Cijin Island, it was close to 5 pm.

- Left at 11+ am for Cijin Island via LRT (40-45 minutes)
- Explore Cijin Island, cheap seafood, beautiful island with a bustling street market (4 hrs)
- Back to Hoya Resort to freshen up via taxi (30 minutes)
- Dinner & fun again at Youth Night Market

Tip #3: Cijin island can get really crowded on a weekend, we went on the weekend. Could have been more pleasant if it's less crowded. You may want to have lunch first before renting the electric bicycle, we were late for 30 minutes and gotta pay for an additional hour.

Tip #4: Don't just rent from the first shop you see as you disembark the ferry, walk further in nearer to the bustling market, you'll get electric bicycles are a more competitive rate

Tip #5: Check for the sunset time and stay around the Sizhiwan ferry pier to enjoy the breathtaking sunset view. It was awesome!  I forgot about it so we only get to see the beautiful "egg yolk" while in the taxi on the way back

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Another awesome day, the seafood is so fresh and value for money would have lingered around Sizhiwan Ferry Pier to enjoy the sunset if I were to do this again.

Read about our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 2 in detail here

Accommodation: 2 nights at Season Garden House 山季节花园
Time to set off to Nantou today, the temperature here is so much colder than Kaohsiung (10 degree difference) so do take note especially when you're travelling in winter.

- Hearty breakfast @ Hoya Resort, Sticky bean get to enjoy the kids' activities and playground at Hoya Resort hotel before we check out at 12 noon
- Called for a taxi to send us to Zuoying HSR Station, lunch and shop around the HSR station
- 3:30pm took HSR to Chang Hwa (1 hr)
Xin Yue Tian Kong 星月天空 via taxi (30 mins, SGD22) - a place where you get up close with farm animals as they roam freely in the area, get to feed them, enjoy plenty of fresh air and a breathtaking view. They serve yummy steamboat as well, which is perfect for the cool weather higher up in the altitude.
- Check-in Season Garden House 山季节花园 read about our review here

Tip #6: Even though you can easily take an mrt to Zuoying HSR station but it's highly recommended to just take a taxi there especially when you're travelling with young ones, save your energy to have more fun later right?

Tip #7: If you're sure of your itinerary, then trying booking HSR tickets online, you can then skip the Q and enjoy an early bird discount if you book at least 1 week before. The HSR ticketing Q can get pretty long if you're travelling on a weekend.

Tip #8: Once you're at the boarding platform, take note of your train number and timing, they have trains stopping at the same platform at a 15 to 30 minutes interval and those are going to different places.  Being used to our MRT in Singapore, we simply boarded the next train that arrived at 3:15 pm and did not realise that this was not the train we're supposed to take which is scheduled at 3:30pm, it was only when the train was about to depart did I notice from the announcement that Chang Hwa wasn't mentioned as one of the stops!!!

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 3: This seemingly relaxing itinerary wasn't as relaxing as I thought it to be. Must be the travelling that sucks out most of my energy. Nonetheless, the revitalising fresh air and ultimate experience at Xin Yue Tian Kong 星月天空is really one of its kind and make up for the tiredness. We had so much fun we spent 5 hours here alone, taking our time and soaking in the freshness of the air.

Read about our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 3 in detail here

We're being hosted today by a friend and her Taiwanese husband (who is also a guide by the way). I always love to visit places unknown to tourists and go for a not-your-usual-kind of an itinerary. If you're one who enjoys an itinerary off the beaten track, please do engage his services during your stay in Taiwan.
Thanks to him, we discover such lovely DIY places located just across from each other. Love the authentic experience.

- Simple breakfast at Season House 山季节花园, exploring the garden and enjoy fresh air around thereafter
- DIY Chocolate Place
- DIY Paper Making Factory
- Flower Expo at Taichung
- Sleep at Season Garden House 山季节花园

Tip #9: Do not pack your itinerary so tightly, give yourself some time to enjoy the rustic lifestyle at Season Garden House 山季节花园. Being higher up in the altitude, the air here is so fresh and cooling, I spent most of my time outdoors here. Even sitting around the garden, watching Sticky Bean play in the sand cheers me up and I felt like this is one exactly the kind of life I can lead.

Tip #10: Nantou area is definitely not as accessible to explore without a guide so do consider engaging one, even if it's just for 1-2 days when you are in Nantou. There's just so much to explore.

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 4: If I were to plan again, I would have done a 3-night stay here in Nantou. Totally in love with the fresh air and cooling weather here. There's so much to explore but so little time.

Read about our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 4 in detail here

The very friendly lady boss of Season Garden House 山季节花园 kindly gave us a ride to Formosan Aborigine Village today and came to pick us up with our luggage later the afternoon when we're done.
Can't bear to leave this place today and regretted not extending an additional night stay here. Oh, how I miss the fresh air and the tranquil garden here.

 Simple breakfast at Season House 山季节花园
- Formosan Aborigine Village (Spent about 5 hours here)
- HSR Taichung back to HSR Zuoying (Kaohsiung)

Tip #11: You can purchase discounted tickets to Formosan Aborigine Village from the lady boss from Season Garden House 山季节花园

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 5: Another fun day here, even though we took our time to explore Formosan Aborigine Village, we still left the place feeling super exhausted. 

Read about our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 5 in detail here

- Ciaotou Sugar Refinery ( Tai Sugar Museum)橋頭糖廠, a pretty tranquil place surrounded by nature, easy access via train
- We only went to the mall cos it was near the train station and night market
- Ruifeng night market - it was ok, still preferred Youth Night Market 

Tip #12: If you're heading to Ciaotou, be sure to slap on tons of insect repellent, I came back with legs covered with sand flies bites. the itch is so unbearable 

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 6: I will rate this day a 3.5/5, one will enjoy Ciaotou more if they like to see vintage trains. The walk to the train station from Fun Bus was further than expected and left us pretty exhausted with all the walking for the day. If you have a packed schedule, can just skip Ciaotou.

Click here to read the detailed post on Day 6

We spent the whole of this day at E-Da Theme Park and its outlet mall. We got to know a very friendly driver who picked us from Zuoying HSR hence we engaged his service again to send us to and back from E-Da Theme Park. The ride cost $20 only and helps us reserve energy for the theme park instead.

Tip #13: Book your tickets via klook online for better deals and if you're going on a weekday, consider the discounted tickets for entry after 1:30 pm. It was pretty crowded with school groups when we reached there in the morning but the crowd subsided after lunch.

Tip #14: You can really spend 1 full day here! They have a building filled with indoor kids rides. Then it's shopping time for the adults at the outlet malls, there are several branded outlets here and the prices are so irresistible.

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 7: An awesome day, definitely one of the most enjoyable day here for both adults and child.

Click here to read the detailed post on Day 7

It's time to bid Kaohsiung farewell. As our flight is in the late evening, we have plenty of time to spare today. Taroko Mall is a great place to go to, it's a mere 5 minutes drive from the airport and 2 train stops away. There are ample lockers for you to store your luggage at very reasonable prices too.
Plenty of kids friendly activities as well.

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 8: This marks the end of our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Trip. Love that our flight is in the late evening hence we get to enjoy one full day at Taroko Mall. We also ensure that Sticky Bean has ample time playing in the Castle themed room at Fun Bus and check out of the room only at the designated time 12 noon.

Click here to read about our Day 8 of Kaohsiung Kids friendly itinerary in detail.

That's our overall itinerary for our Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Trip. I'll be adding on links to the individual pages soon, so do check back.

In the meantime, have fun planning for your ultimate Kids friendly Kaohsiung (Taiwan) Itinerary!


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