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Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Cijin Island > Hoya Resort > Youth Night Market

Day 2: Cijin Island > Hoya Resort > Youth Night Market
Accommodation: Hoya Resort Hote Kaohsiung

Cijin island is located relatively near to Hoya Resort. So today, we catered most of the day exploring just Cijin island. Remember, when you travel with a young kid, you get slowed down so we like to take it light and easy with just one or two attractions a day. Boy, are we glad we did that, by the time we left Cijin Island, it was close to 5 pm.

- Left at 11+ am for Cijin Island via LRT (40-45 minutes)
- Explore Cijin Island, cheap seafood, beautiful island with a bustling street market (4 hrs)
- Back to Hoya Resort to freshen up via taxi (30 minutes)
- Dinner & fun again at Youth Night Market

After a hearty breakfast at Hoya Resort Hotel, we took the LRT to Sizhiwan station. Initially, I thought that the Gushan Ferry Terminal is right at the LRT station so we were a bit lost when we got to the LRT station. It was later that we discover we have to take a taxi to Gushan Ferry Terminal from there.

 Managed to take a lovely shot at the LRT Terminal of Sizhiwan 

A really hot day and there's quite a queue for the ferry since it is a Sunday

 Luckily we still managed to get a good seat in the air-conditioned cabin

We highly recommend renting an electronic bike to explore the island. The rental shop will also provide you with a map and brief you on Cijin Island. We rented the bike for 2 hours and exceeded the time.

 It was an amazing experience exploring the island on this electric bike.
Being a Sunday, the island was pretty crowded. You even need to queue to get shot with some of the popular landmarks here on Cijin Island.

The good thing is, most of the tourist and locals alike sticks to the queue so everyone gets to get a nice shot

A gigantic seashell

Hmm lovely sea breeze

This is a must try. The seafood here is cheap and fresh. All these for less than SGD40. We still have half a dozen oysters not shown in the photo. They provide free flow of white rice as well. 

There's a bustling street marker near the ferry terminal and they sell plenty of street food and knick-knacks as well.  But we're pretty exhausted in the hot weather so we walked through the street really briefly and decided to head back to the hotel.

We were so worn out, I totally forgot about catching the beautiful sunset near Gushan Ferry Terminal. We took a taxi back to the hotel and managed to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset. So do stay around for the sunset if you're there in the evening.

After a good rest at Hoya Resort Hotel, we headed downstairs to Youth Night Market for dinner. Oh, how we love the convenience and luxury of having such a huge and bustling night market just below the hotel.

 Her favourite egglet! 

 Of course, there's the never ending games at the night market stalls.

This very much marks the end of Day 2 of our Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Trip. It was definitely a bonus staying near to a night market and we love the flexiblity of being able to return to the hotel to freshen up and recharge before heading to a night market.

Tip #3: Cijin island can get really crowded on a weekend, we went on the weekend. Could have been more pleasant if it's less crowded. You may want to have lunch first before renting the electric bicycle, we were late for 30 minutes and gotta pay for an additional hour.

Tip #4: Don't just rent from the first shop you see as you disembark the ferry, walk further in nearer to the bustling market, you'll get electric bicycles are a more competitive rate

Tip #5: Check for the sunset time and stay around the Sizhiwan ferry pier to enjoy the breathtaking sunset view. It was awesome!  I forgot about it so we only get to see the beautiful "egg yolk" while in the taxi on the way back

Quick Review Kaohsiung Child-Friendly Itinerary Day 2: Another awesome day, the seafood is so fresh and value for money would have lingered around Sizhiwan Ferry Pier to enjoy the sunset if I were to do this again.


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