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Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Itinerary Day 1: Singapore > Kaohsiung Airport > Dream Mall > Hoya Resort > Youth Night Market

Day 1: Singapore > Kaohsiung Airport > Dream Mall > Hoya Resort > Youth Night Market Accommodation: 2 nights stay in Hoya Resort It's our virgin experience taking Scoot and spent weeks before our Kaohsiung Trip pre-empting Sticky Bean about the lack of entertainment system in flight. Luckily we had a pleasant experience taking Scoot to Kaohsiung. The flight was punctual, albeit a full flight. Sticky Bean was well behaved throughout the 4-hour flight gadget-less. The flight was a little too bright and early for our liking though, it's scheduled to depart at 7 am. We reached Kaohsiung before 12 noon. Our arrival was delayed slightly due to the strong wind at Kaohsiung Airport. Tip #1: Forget about your Changi airport egg wifi rental, get a SIM card at Kaohsiung Airport, it cost SGD20+ with talk time and unlimited data. You can use this SIM card as a hotspot and share with your family patiently waiting for the train We arrived at  Kaohsiung Airport at

Hoya Resort Kaohsiung Review - Kaohsiung Kids Friendly Accommodation

For the first two nights of our stay in Kaohsiung, we stayed in Hoya Resort Kaohsiung due to its proximity to the airport. Since we will be here for only two nights, we decided to pick an accommodation which is kids-friendly, read includes slide and bathtub, and accessible for us to explore the South part of Kaohsiung without wasting too much time on travelling. Hoya Resort Kaohsiung fits the bill entirely! Additional bonus: a bustling night market just below the hotel! We had dinner there twice in a row. Hoya Resort Kaohsiung is definitely a hotel created for families. They have kids play area downstairs and tamiya car racing activities at selected timing. Kids-sized bedroom slippers were also provided in the Hoya Fun Suit we were in. The only downside is that you can't select the type of room you wanted, we initially wanted the pirate themed room which is the most popular room at Hoya Resort Kaohsiung but it was occupied by another guest here for a weekend stay.

Muji Style BTO Reno: Our 3D Plan

As with many others, we invested a lot of time and went through countless quarrels   debates over the layout. We have a huge headache which by far none of the IDs whom we've met gave us the ideal solution we agree with. Our main requirement: Expand living area, this can be done by hacking partial wall of bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 should have an operable wall/door which means it can be fully opened up when we have more guests in the living room and closed should we have a guest staying over the night. (read, either of our mothers) We want a tatami storage platform in this bedroom 3 as well so it gives us more storage and the kids can play in this room whilst the adults chillax in the living room As shared in this post , we can't hack the entire of bedroom 3 wall due to the structure, which means the idea of opening up bedroom 3 to combine it with living room will look really weird here and not achieve the effect we're planning for. Tip for conceptualising your ideal