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Our Themed Wedding - A Cinematic / Movie Theme wedding

finally it's photos from our Movie-themed / Cinematic themed wedding. Zonzon helped us make a montage that is pretty related to movie theme with the typical movie opening. Most of the guests thought we're playing a movie haha.. Especially love the part "Please switch your mobile to silent" mode..lolx Anyway here are snippets of our movie themed wedding. A full episode of the DIYs done...when i state DIY it means all artwork and photoshop files done by meeee...=) the DIY movie tickets themed invites the venue - the little black strips on the red carpet were actually strips of films strewn on the floor... we used Theatre numbers with different love movie posters as table numbers instead of the usual boring table numbers. an affair to remember indeed! A wedding date indeed too!! the displays @ our reception love how the vintage feel. The gold circular thingy were actually the real film reels used in movies .