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Upcoming Baby Fairs 2014

For those who have missed the previous Baby Fairs, here's the list of upcoming Baby Fairs in 2014. Personally I've visited the Tots Fantastic Baby Care Festival by Motherhood at Singapore expo earlier in Feb and it was a disappointment, there ain't much diaper deals, let alone milk powders. The only thing we've bought were the Heinz Baby Jar food which was at a steal! 7 bottles for $11 or $12 I think and of course I've checked the expiry dates, it's all in 2015. Perhaps it's cos I went on a Friday afternoon so it wasn't crowded at all. They do have interesting contests  for older babies and toddlers such as crawling competition and the search for babies to be on their cover page though IMO most baby fairs are worth going if you are expecting and getting things for your newborn, for subsequent baby fairs it really depends if there're good diaper or formula milk deals and of course if you are looking at bigger ticket items such as food blender, pra

List of free milk samples

Well Sticky Bean is coming to 6 months soon! It's time to start her on stage 2 formula for 6 months and above. She's still on mainly breast milk though, we'd give her formula for her night feeds in hope of helping her sleep through. So here's the list of milk samples we can request from. Most of them will arrange a 400g tin to be countered to you, capped at one per household. Reckon a 400g tin can last us 1.5 weeks. Among all dumex is the most efficient, calling you within 3 days and delivering the sample within 2 weeks. Nestle takes 2-3 weeks to contact you and another 2 weeks to arrange the courier. List of free milk samples - most require you to join their club or mailing list to get your free sample Nestle nan pro Dumex Abbott - never even hear from them since 3 wks back Enfagrow