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Post Wedding Sales / Give aways

It was over before we actually have the chance to sink into reality that it's our Wedding day! But we must say we had a great deal of fun and had a fantastic wedding all thanks to our group of fantastic friends and helpers! Gosh we were absolutely blessed with the people around us. Anyway, to put that aside, (will follow up with a post of our AD events and our cinematic wedding night). We have the following items to let go. All are hardly used - used probably for display in the day and kept in plastic the very next.  a pair of cushions, didn't get to take the exact measurements but it's the size of those standard cushions. Let me know if you need exact measurements. Going for $20 a pair. Used only for display purpose on AD & kept the next day. Free pair of Ostrich feather pens below. SOLD Pair of Ostrich Feather pens - Blk ball point pen. Not for the fussy as it's a little yellowish when i got it. - FREE with pair of cushion purchas