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Day 6 & 7: Star Beauty Resort Hotel Review- Taipei Shihlin Market, Miramar Entertainment Centre

As mentioned, we decided to stay in a different hotel to fully maximize our stay in Taipei haha. Why stick to one hotel when you can experience different bed and tubs? So we chose this hotel, Star Beauty Resort Hotel and it is located at Jiantan road, near to Shihlin night market. Location ain't as good as it is a good 10-15 minutes walk to the MRTas wellas Shihlin Night Market. Nothing much around there except for plenty of convenience stores around. Location wise, we must say TS Hotel (Ta Shun Hotel) is still the best, only <5mins walk to Ximending MRT station. However there are certain perks in this hotel that didn't make us regret our choices, well part of the reason why I chose this hotel is also cos of the various tubs they offer and yes even Jacuzzi tubs!! Read on to take a look at the tub in our room... so this is how the hotel looks like from the outside... Our room, ok still messy with our luggage haha...looks pretty cosy though it

Day 5 - Hualien - Taroko Gorge

We didn't really plan where to go and what to do in Hualien but the drivers and hotel receptionist were all saying Taroko Gorge is like a must go when you visit Hualien. The hotel actually provides half day and full day Taroko Gorge tour but as we need to catch the 3pm train back to Taipei they recommend us to hire a driver to bring us up to Taroko Gorge then can drive us straight to the station thereafter. We chose this option since the price is still quite reasonable, though I can't really remember how much it costs but should be less than SGD70 or way less ba. Let's talk about the breakfast at Bayview hotel. it's pretty decent and so much better than the breakfast provided at TS Hotel. Well, as all these hotels are more of bed and breakfast kind, don't expect the kind of typical 4-5 star hotel buffet spread standard. nice cosy cafeteria for breakfast, they even have bao too! decent spread i must say.. After breakie, there's still time, hence